Friday, September 21, 2012

- Blaming Capitalism


chess said...

Each section of this that you post hits a nerve of mine about Mitt. He has let BHO pound on tax cuts for the rich caused the deficits blah blah blah. Give this man a 1 minute commercial bout tax cuts and revenues increase to the treasury.. If Mitt doesnt take that hammer away soon he loses a chunk of actual thinking independents ..
There are so many chunks of the battlefield that by now I thought the repubs would have siezed or at least neutralized and this may be the biggest that they have missed.
Blaming capitalism .Thats why 3/4 of black kids are born out of wedlock?Im tired of paying for 10 of em.
Im pulling the Mitt lever but every day I get less hopeful.
There was a Telemundo interview with BHO. He got asked a question and I wish I could put the pix on. Its that "look" that he gave Ryan one day.

chess said...

Obama: Immigration Reform Inaction Was 'Biggest Failure'

Of course it when you are being interviewed by Telemundo.

ikaika said...

he has more "biggest failures" to date... I don't know where to begin...

chess said...

The French Are Having Serious Regrets About Fran├žois Hollande

.n an OpinionWay poll, satisfaction with the job Hollande is doing crashed a vertigo-inducing 14 points from 60 percent in July to 46 percent in September—compared to the 64 percent satisfaction score voters heaped on Sarkozy in 2007. And 58 percent believed Hollande, after four months in office, is already going “in the wrong direction


Buyers remorse already?? Dont we all understand that. But at least the French are telling the muslims to STFU

chess said...

What John McLaughlin (pollster) Sees in the Polls Right Now (Must Read!)
Fri Sep 21 2012 07:31:56 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time) · by TonyInOhio · 11 replies
Natiionla Review Online ^ | 09/21/12 | Jim Geraghty
I reached out to Republican pollster John McLaughlin for yesterday’s piece on how undecided voters are likely to break, and he made some separate comments about polls, their impact on motivation for each side, and how the campaigns want to use skewed poll numbers to depress the opposition. How he’s defining likely voters right now: “For the most part we’re polling likely voters. It’s a loose screen. We keep people who say they’re only somewhat likely to vote. But the vast majority say that they are definitely or very likely to vote. They’re voting.” How campaigns try to sway polling.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes, after hours spent with my co-workers, many of whom are oblivious to the potential meltdown on all fronts we are facing... After hours and days spent with them I start thinking... Well, maybe I am freaking out. Maybe I'm the radical and hey, everything still works.. Stock market is holding, 401K incrementally lifts up, buses are running, etc.
Then I see this video & it's like, "Crap... I'm not imagining that bad feeling in my stomach..."
There's a Jewish proverb, something about, is it better to be the cow, contentedly chewing the grass in the field, ignorant of impending slaughter and completely at peace or to be a sentient being, knowing and foreseeing and suffering for it? For me it's not a choice. I can't stick my head in the sand.
& To Chess, I completely agree with your last statement. Amen.

Chess said...

ANON .. I think we all are cycling up and down .Its like being a manic depressive but your high and lows are in hrs not months..
Or maybe its more like menopause in days. Its sweats.anger.giddy.pissed. laughing. depression.
Im sure we all have friends who look at you and say "either way itl be ok".. Then i start rambling about debt /gdp or mideast crap and they just back away thinking I should be on medication. There. In 5 minutes ive almost made a complete cycle..Jesus

Anonymous said...

Chess... So true.