Friday, September 7, 2012

- Charlie Brown's Teacher

Obama's convention speech... what to say. In fairness I didn't listen to it. I didn't feel I had to. He's been repeating the same empty catch phrases for 4 years, and based on the reviews it looks like this was just more of the same. "Fair Share", "Millionaires and Billionaires", blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. To me he started sounding like Charlie Brown's teacher in the middle of 2009.

The only question I ever have any more is, in what new way will this man insult my intelligence? Will he tell me I'm not responsible for my success? Will he call me a "bitter clinger"? Will he accuse me of not 'paying my fair share', 'exploiting the working classes', or 'discriminating' against illegal immigrants'? Maybe this will be the speech where he snatches the ball from his proxies and tell me that I'm going to 'put black people back in chains', or 'throw grandma out in the snow'. Or maybe it's one of those speeches where he explains that while he's actually being positive, it's his opponents who are practicing the politics of division. Please.

In fairness, I've gotten used to being insulted by the left. After the last 4 years who could have missed it? It's not like they've been particularly subtle about the contempt they hold for Americans or traditional American values. In that respect it's the OWS crowd that are the most honest people on the left. They come right out and say that they want to reinvent the world with themselves at the top and everyone else taking what they are awarded by their 'central committee' or whatever it is they call it. The rest of the left portrays it as an incremental process where they hope the small steps they request don't arouse any anger in the electorate. But they are all pushing toward the same endpoint.

So in my little bubble where everyone understands economics and the virtue of economic liberty, it's tough to understand what the appeal is of someone like Obama. He's either telling out and out lies, setting one group against another, or he's directly insulting people just like us. And his only truly honest moments are those incredibly repellant things he says when he goes off script. How can that be appealing? Who are those people who think a reprehensible world view like his promises a better future for America?

In the end, the Democrats are the party of government, which is to say that they are the party of 'force'. Government has only one tool to motivate people, and that's force. And while your average Democrat may not actually be a bully, they are certainly the lick spittle's who line up behind him. They want to be the people issuing the commands. They want to command the people at the bottom of the economic scale to live lives that they command, and they want the people at the top of the scale to pay the price they command. And if we allow them, there will be no aspect of our lives that they don't try to manage as they see fit.

I personally prefer a world where I'm 'asked' to do things. If the government wants to 'ask' me to pay more in taxes I have no objection - how could I? I may or may not pay it, depending on whether I think I'm getting value for my money. But I could never object to them asking. The problem is, they don't ask. They command. That's the worldview Obama wants to see implemented - one where he commands and the rest of us must obey or face our peril at the hands of an all powerful state.

When Toyota tries to sell me a car they don't command, they ask. When Del Monte wants to sell me Apple juice (or whatever) it's a polite request. No one puts a gun to my head and forces me to spend my hard earned wage in the free market. No one at least, until the government gets involved and the free market is no longer free. Then there are all sorts of commands. I "must buy" insurance. I 'must pay' for Sandra Fluke's condoms, or for some welfare queen's cell phone bill. I must 'save' the union jobs of a car company that when consumers were 'asked' to buy their crappy cars they said no. "Do as your told or face the lash" say the bureaucratic minions. That's the Obama vision of America. No thanks.

Honestly kids, it's time to grow up a little here. Obama has failed at everything he promised, and has done nothing but enrich his supporters at the expense of the taxpayer. He's happy to insult people like me, but the person he's really insulting is people like you. The people who believe that he knows how to do anything different than what he's done up to now, are the real fools in this equation. and you may not believe it, but you'd be better off 'on your own' than having this condescending know it all try to run your life. No matter how smart he may be, he doesn't know what you want for dinner, any better than you do.

Obama is very much an academic, and those who can't, teach. They aren't 'the smartest' among us, they are the people who never learned achieve any results. His first term demonstrates nothing if not that. Let him go back to the teacher's lounge where the damage he can do is minimized and let the grownups go back to running things. Then if he still sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher, no one will notice or care.


Dr. K seems to concur (and he had to listen to it):


ikaika said...

Spot-on, Tom!

While John Harwood tries to tell me that hopium is good for me, I believe the Obama parade float has four-flats and the paper machet is coming apart.

The ex gov of michigan gave an off the wall speech aboput Obama saving the Auto industry.
I need to remind people that Obama didn't save the auto industry, but held a yard-sale with the remains of american auto companies. The proceeds of the yard sale went to the thugs.

Fiat owns chrysler.
Pontiac, Plymouth don't exist anymore. We didn't save an industry no more than we poked holse in a sinking ship to let the water run out.

There is a video clip of a woman holding a FORD auto DNC sign during the ex gov speech.
Ford didn't take a bailout and is better-off because of it.

I can see november from my front porch.

Anonymous said...

I sold Chevys in the early '90s in California. I met and had a discussion with the Chevy Zone(District) manager back then, and he told me that Chevy loses money on every car they sell because of the labor cost. The joke was that GM was a health insurance company, that sold cars on the side. GMAC (financing)revenue helped make up the difference. At the time I naively thought there would be a lot of disappointed union parasites when the company went bust. I could not foresee a Barack Obama. How have we sunk so low?
NJ Expat

chess said...

Anon. I like that ..Insurance co. selling cars on the side. It hasnt changed .
The greatest righ t we have is to vote. Yet Acorn can pick folks up once every 4 yrs to vote but it is racist to say pick them up once every 4 to get an ID.?? Trying to protect the greatest right and yet it is racist? Thats how low weve gone. If we get fomo Ill be expat somewhere .