Wednesday, September 5, 2012

- CNBC: That Man Behind the Curtain...

For the record I share everyone's frustration with never being able to get the 90 minutes of my life back that Bob Shrum has just wasted. But it's a good example of what I said yesterday.

Shrum is good at portraying liberalism as an internally consistent philosophy that has only the most reasonable problems that it copes with well. "Who cares if government investment fails... even professionals fail sometimes. What about the Manhattan project... were you against the Apollo program?!"

Neither of those things is relevant at all but he makes them seem as if they are. For starters, both were defense programs, and not political contributor givebacks like the Obama 'investment' agenda. And neither involved picking winners and losers in an established market, but doing raw science that no one else was doing.

But listen to Shrum and he'll say that 'private enterprise' would never do those (defense department) things, and use that totally irrelevant fact as justification for the government getting involved in something the private enterprise system was already doing.

Solyndra wasn't putting a man on mars, or inventing fusion power. They were selling a product not too dissimilar form the same products being sold by dozens of other companies. GM was selling a product markedly worse than others. Both of these initiatives involved direct intervention in an established market in order to meet a political goal not a goal of the defense department, but the government got involved in them all the same. That ain't no Apollo program, it's picking winners and losers - something the government is famously bad at doing.

Making these irrational arguments sound ration is Bob Shrum's stock in trade. He's a well practiced debater, no more. He can't actually do anything - not even the things that Democrat legislators do so poorly. All he can do is talk. He's a good used car salesman, and Obama and his agenda are the used car. But don't be too put off by him. There is more than enough time to explain the places he contradicts reality to those who may be persuaded.


chess said...

Another fat slob living off someones money and gets paid to talk...How does one apply for these jobs. Was this a shovel ready position.

Supposedly this says BHO attended Columbia U.

ikaika said...

Props to Kernan and Quick for trying to call Shrum on his BS... Becky not so much though - can't betray the colors ya know...

So the DNC Battle Cry:
Bush's Fault!
Abortion Now!
Private Sector Fails Without Our Help!
Jobs is a four letter word!
It's Bush's Fault!

Sorkin has been very quiet lately... which is a blessing.

ikaika said...

oh this is good!

Journalists for Obama T-Shirts sold at DNC by prankster!

chess said...

That is pathetic. The guy should have been in a shark cage to be safe.

"Get your seal blubber here!".

Tom said...

Becky is a Rutgers J-school grad - so how 'right' can she be? I think she's not as far left as anyone else in her situation. I like her all in.

chess said...

New Rutgers president: Cut sports subsidy.
Didnt they just build a new fancy stadium? And this dude makes 650k a yr as prez...Wow.