Tuesday, September 18, 2012

- Dear Obama Supporters

You're all jacked up over the fact that Mitt Romney, in a leaked video from a fundraiser, said that those who are dependent on government and feel entitled to the labor and wealth of others are all Obama supporters. But Romney isn't backing off from his comment and there is a reason for that. It's true.

We on the right (who are paying far more than we're ever going to get from government) think of you as useless parasites. The worst of you contribute nothing but even the best of you contribute less than you take. That's not a recipe for earning respect. Thanks to one of the great weaknesses of democracy you'll always be able to do that to us. And whenever you put the government gun to our heads we'll hand over our hard earned wealth.

But you can't force us to take care of you - to pay for your food, your cell phone, your medical bills, and expect us to respect you too. We see you as being little more than government authorized thieves. And so long as you refuse to carry your own share of the load, at best we'll think of you as children. And what's more, you'll deserve that scorn.

That I think is the real source of your horror. You're shocked and outraged to learn that we don't respect you, and you're angry about that disrespect. But the real reason you're angry is because you know that you don't deserve our respect. You know exactly what you are. It's the truth in his words that's made you angry.

You think all this is about politics - about who wins and who loses, or who keeps power and loses it. But we don't see it that way. The choices you make cannot be sustained. Your leaders don't tell you that, but it's none the less true. And if you want to expect to keep any version of the comfortable lazy life you've learned to love while we pay your bills, then you had better start listening to us.

The lights have come up and the party is over. If you recognize that now then maybe we'll be able to keep giving you enough of what you've come to expect to keep away the worst of the DT's. But pretending all is well and that this can all go on forever isn't going to work anymore. So you had better start facing up to the problems that you know are there in spite of your leaders denials.

We will never respect you for acting like you do, but we are not monsters. We'll try as hard as we can to spare you the worst of the pain while we set things right. And when you're a dependent, that's really the most you can expect.


ikaika said...

Romney said - albeit, off the cuff, what every conservative in America claims he didn't have the guts to say.
If their were libertarians or faux-conservatives planning to vote 3rd party or none of the above, I can see this statement winning a few of them over.

Of course John Harwood and Andrew Sorkin were aghast! The moral equivilemce:

"This is worse than the bitter clingers line by Obama". to fruit loops like those two - of course it's worse.
My cherry on top today would be a Poll bounce reflecting this "truth". But it won't happen.

Tom said...

I agree - I think the media reaction is more overblown than the public reaction will be. But that's their schtick. They are un-apologetically rooting for Obama. They need this to be a big outrage - they're begging for it to be. And it will be in the teachers lounge, and at the 'occupy' campsite, but that's it.

I don't think Romney will get a polling bounce from this but I seriously doubt that Obama will either.

ikaika said...

The faux-conservatives (we'll call them Faucons) the ones that espouse libertarianism and claim that every candidate the Repubs run is not conservative enough.
Now the same Faucons claim that this utterance is Mitt's death-knell.... and get this - they say because it alienates the Middle Class!?!?!
Imagine if he ran a conservative campaign from the start - that the middle class is paying too much in taxes - ergo they are not the 47%...
Obama will run a few commercials reflecting class warfare... Thats all they got

chess said...

Its all they got but its working. Hes still in the fight and by some accts winning. 50 days to election and this will cost a few more days of distraction.Mitt cant afford that. So far I see a campaign that says its been a shit 4 years so vote for me.Aint gonna cut it.
He goes out on a limb with a Ryan choice and I couldnt tell you where he has been the past 3 days or the next 3 days.Aggressive choice in Ryan? Not if no one sees him.Playing small towns in Swing states doesnt get the message that Paul Ryan is best at..1 debate vs Biden and most of country wont watch it. Im finally saying this campaign has been a mess and Stevens is a mess.He left John-JOHN's campaign in 07 and went to Mitt. How did that work out for Mitt. You lose to Mccain? Im Pissed.
I have no idea what Mitts tax plan is.If he repeals o-care what does he replace it with? Whos his choice for Sec of State? Might be a good time to say with all the bs going on. Tell me how you would be different other thatn cruise missiles.
Reagan won in 80 with are you better off. Back then it wasnt 47% on the govs payroll it was more like 20. Im running put spreads through my head to get some protection on a large nest egg.FOMO= FUBAR.

ps. When I dont see Mr. Wipple on the tv for weeks it tells me theyr not to worried.. Back to option tables while the vix is low.

chess said...

By the way Tom. I agree 110% with everything you said and I dont have a problem anymore with telling folks go get a job..
Chuckie todd now on cnbc.Jesus..
Dammit Mitt dont apologize for this or Egygt. And who does security for these things. Maybe next time they go thru a metal detector take their cell phones.

Tom said...

It's really all about tone. Obama says it's going to rain tomorrow and he's hailed as a prescient visionary. Romney says the exact same words as and he's described in the media as being needlessly gloomy, and desperate.

Ikaika said it ages ago. He has to fight the media complex to win. I still think it's possible but I never imagined the media would make it this tough on him. Is he even covered in the news? I think most people believe he's too busy butchering puppies beating up old ladies to actually run for president.

And Who the F*** in Pennsylvania os voting for Obama?! How stupid are they?

ikaika said...

People are offended today.
The same people that are offended when their parents wake them up at 1 PM to go out and look for work.

My gosh - 47% - how offensive.

chess said...

Once the media got a taste of BHO vs W for 8 years they cant give it up.I also never imagined it would be like this with the media. The real 1% is conservative media. Shouldnt there be a occupy msnbc?
I still say Infomercials. 15 minutes long. Let Ryan teach Ameriica about entitlements.Let Mitt say what he would do. If the media buries you on page 10 then they cant bury you on national tv .Theres a reason 1 pix is worth a thousand words. Even stupid folks can see big graphs and that 20 years everything in America is entitlements.FU..in teach em that taxing 250k doesnt solve shit.Talking to 1000 white people on a bus tour wont cut it.National tv.. Otherwise I think we still may be toast

Steven P. Beaver said...

I am in PA, and will not be voting for Obama. The problem is Philadelphia. It is too large and Democratic.