Tuesday, September 4, 2012

- The DNC As A Media Event

Quick question. Can someone please explain to me how a party that's utterly dominated by Harvard trained lawyers is seen as the party of the little guy, while their illiterate competitors from the sticks and the party that represents them is portrayed as the party of the plutocrats?

The most important thing for conservatives this week will be to keep a sense of perspective. The Democrat vision is internally consistent - like most psychoses. It's only when compared to reality that it begins to fall apart. But the for the media, this will be a chance for them to present a complete vision. They're probably giddy at the thought.

So manage your temper (especially you chess) , and keep your perspective. And remember something my brother has taken to quoting back to me:

The inevitable shattering of liberal ideals as they collide with the inescapable facts of reality is never pretty. But it’s a lesson I suppose we need to learn every generation or so.


ikaika said...

There will be gaffes...

Bubba has kept his speech under lock & key. He has gaffed his way to the convention. I believe he referred to Obama as a "Porter".
All is forgiven - after all Bubba was the first Black Pres.

The media shills have been lambasting Romney & Ryan as to why they didn't "show their cards" before the DNC gets to draw from the deck.

Really amazing - incredibly stupid.
Why on earth would anyone expect their opposition to outline their agenda and strategy? To people like Harwood and Sorkin, Repubs must show their hands in order to play by their rules...

The strategy of not arming your ooponant will be remembered for its brilliance, but the media will forget that Obama and the Dems really stood for nothing for the last four years.

I hope they keep trotting Ed Rendell out there... lol!

chess said...

Quick question. Can someone please explain to me how a party that's utterly dominated by Harvard trained lawyers is seen as the party of the little guy, while their illiterate competitors from the sticks and the party that represents them is portrayed as the party of the plutocrats?

Tom that is excellent . A poor person would look at a repub and say "your college educated also". Just not Ivy educated.Media controls that spin.
Im sure ,without watching that Rachel,Chris,Ed,and Larry saw the BHO 08-12 and said he didnt need to change the message cause it was so powerful in 08 that is stands the test of time for 2012.
In reality we need a few thou here and there to just so nomo koolaid.
Rachel your Emperor has NO clothes

Chess said...

And Hey!!!!!!! I got swiped for getting angry???I agree and I wont watch a single word all week. Hell apparently all I have to do to see this convention is to get tivo of the 08 convention

Tom said...

Not at all - just worried about you buddy. You're out there in the sticks all by yourself.

I don't want to read about you blowing a gasket.

Chess said...

The drudge is so good today that I think it may even be better than a fresh dripping fritter..
Dems heads are exploding calling everyone nazis and shit..
In Monty Python and The Holy Grail the dark knight says come back its just a flesh wound.Well BHO is bleeding from all 4 limbs and saying give me fomo.Repubs are strating to leave a mark.

chess said...

LOL.My gaskets blew years ago at cardiac surgeons. To your excellent point at the beginning

A.R.Sorkin just returns from a ?2 week safari and immediately steps in as the 99% savior.???????
Mitt gives 16% to charity and Biden 0.2% and hes on their side???

chess said...

Ok.Ok.Ok. Maybe a few gaskets are left to blow.This is just a cut out of what this whiny pos has says for 4 years.

To find them, you need only look to the New York Times’ op-ed pages, where columnist Thomas Friedman sighs with longing at the “great advantages” enjoyed by China’s “one-party autocracy” over our “one-party democracy,” because...

Tommy I bet I could make a few calls and in 10 minutes have money for your one way airfare over.Get the hell out of country if you want an emperor.Past 4 years have been that.pos

Anonymous said...

...O'Brien looked down at Winston, for a moment, his manner less severe. When he spoke, his voice was gentle and patient.

"I am taking trouble with you, Winston," he said, "because you are worth trouble. You are mentally deranged. You suffer from a defective memory. You imagine you were better off four years ago than you are now. You imagine that the Democrats, and not the Republicans, were the party of slavery. In your head, there are false memories to the effect that Muslims were the perpetrators, rather than the main victims, of 9/11. I know you, Winston, better than you know yourself. If you had built a business, you would persist in believing you had built that business, even if we told you you had not. You dream that two plus two is four, and not five. But we will cure you! We will make you sane!"

He is not pretending, thought Winston. He is not a hypocrite; he believes every word he says. What most oppressed him was the consciousness of his own intellectual inferiority. O'Brien had been the president of the Harvard Law Review. Even so, something in Winston's mind resisted.

"But it is impossible!" shouted Winston."Your policies will wreck the economy, causing nothing but harm to minorities and the poor, whom you wish to serve --" A sudden blast of pain left Winston gasping.

"That was stupid, Winston, stupid. It is true, that for some purposes, we are the guardians of the poor and the oppressed. But the purpose of power is power. One exerts power over a man by making him suffer."
"What difference does it make to us," O'Brien continued, "if a million proles starve, if polio returns, or if feral street gangs terrorize everyone outside the protection of our gated communities? If anything, such a goal is desirable, in that it shall make our task of governance so much easier. But remember, Winston -- we control the media, we control the schools. Generations from now, we will tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal. The illiterate and starving children of tomorrow will give thanks that they were born into such a new golden age."

Tom said...


chess said...

Dude. you just made the hairs on my forearms stand up..Your real name wouldnt be Stephen King?
I should have gotten on Voyageur 1 when I had the chance 35 years ago.

CHESS said...

Tom for you and your poor NJ brothren..My man is a hero.

chess said...


chess said...


Im bored...Sky high gas.ISM shrinking a wif.All line up for nomo fomo.Coiled spring with a R&R win.
The above is actually looking spoon.Those guys must be on daily shrooms

chess said...

And this surgery through completion will ballpark?? 20,000 +.. I love paying taxes