Friday, September 14, 2012

- "Gas Price Hypocrisy"

I don't know the person responsible for this video, but tell your Democrat friends, "Oh how soon you forget..."

When you think of the "Pretzel Logic" of the Left and especially that of the current administration, you need not strain your brain to wonder why we are in trouble and nothing has been done to right the ship.

In other news - While we witness the media's complicit insistence that the death of Americans on foreign soil was only an unfortunate consequence of a "protest" getting out of hand (and mostly Romney's Fault! if you ask the media), I expected to see more news from the Alphabet Networks regarding the incident. Instead, I was treated to why a 30 year old college student that needs taxpayer funded contraceptives has become a "rising star" with a "pressing issue" in the Democrat Party. Yes that was the center-piece of Brian Williams Rock Center Report yesterday.
Someone wake me from this nightmare...


chess said...

Repubs just have trouble with hand to hand combat...It is a nightmare and Im preparing for fomo..We may not wake up from this .

Fomo will be more like night terrors than mares.Just goog them and you see that we all have had em.

intersecting said...

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