Wednesday, September 19, 2012

- I'm for Redistribution!

We knew this was the case of course, but here's the tape.

I'm having one of those 'down the rabbit hole' moments today. Forget the bias in the polls or the media. How is it that this guy is getting even 5% of the vote?

My sewing circle is disproportionately filled with economically literate people. I know of no one who understands how the economy works who supports Obama. The smartest people I know think he should be run out of Washington minutes ahead of a torch and pitchfork bearing mob. The most respected minds of our era think his economic ideas are warmed over nonsense from a bygone era, and yet... people still support him.

So I find myself asking... just who the hell are these idiots and don't they know anyone who understands how the world really works who can explain it to them? Do we really have 45% or so of the country who are so cognitively disabled? I never underestimate the stupid person and the depths of that stupidity, but I honestly thought the averages were a little higher than that.

I've always confessed that I'm in a real bubble in that respect. I've worked very hard to surround myself with people who are much more intelligent than average - mostly because I enjoy that. But now it's left me detached from the 'real' reality of America - that we are apparently a nation of dunces.

I still believe Romney wins... but I confess, this is much closer than I thought, and closer than I can understand the motivations for.


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Do we really have 45% or so of the country who are so cognitively disabled?

Yes! My circle of contacts (courtesy of my wife) exposes me to members of the 45%; often college educated.

They have much in the way of accreditation, but little in deductive reasoning and critical thinking skills. Their opinions are largely based on their emotions (i.e. "I support Obamacare because it makes me feel bad that someone might not be covered. Its not fair!"). They also tend to questioningly swallow the PC bullshit whole. Failing to do so means being ostracized from the group.

The last item, I guess due to me being deeply introverted, never bothered me.

chess said...

The shitier the economy the more support he gets because the shitier it gets the more dependent at least 47% of them need him..
he is no different than the drug pusher on the corner.Start em off slow and low and cut shit.Then their hooked and you advance em on the stronger stuff. You dont want to kill em because you need em. BHO has got em hooked and now he wants to keep em coming back and bring a friend.
I didnt see any of Mitts response yesterday but I hope he cushioned his remark by saying he would rather give that 47% a job than a handout.
Tom you are in a "sheltered" world but thats because you have mde something of yourself.When I walk inot Walmart I can tell you exactly wheres BHO support is.And theres lots em.The question is if Mitt can get em a job will they take it? $9/hr at Walmart or $6/hr to just set on your ass. They will pull that BHO lever everytime

chess said...

Hell...My sheltered world is also that of an introvert. I work out of the house. Last year I drove 2400 miles total.That bout says it all for me.
But I think you can take the 455 and add some of our supposed smart people and I think we are much closer to 60% just palin stupid.

I have to admit before you guys came along and stretched my world I was losing alot of my brain. This still is poor base turnout for BHO and alot for us and women.

Tom said...

I personally think the issue revolves around the phrase "That's how we got all these problems in the first place."

There is a substantial number of potential voters who think government is the way to seize control of the "rich bankers" and hedge funds that have been ruining the country. They don't understand that the banks will just buy the government and the only chance to limit them is to turn the banks on each other in the free market.

But they don't understand that and don't trust it. Forget about understanding that government caused all the problem in the first place.

They have a slave's mind. All they know is fear of the government whip so they want that whip turned on the 'rich people'. And it's easier for them to believe the opposition are monsters than well intentioned people with a different view of how the world works. That's a little too cerebral for them - being driven only by fear.

Our only hope is to find a way to demoralize them enough to get them to sit home, because EVERYONE who see's what a threat Obama is will be voting. And hopefully we can still outnumber them.

Tom said...

And BTW, I know you didn't mean a dig at all chess, but we shop at Walmart all the time... I personally LOVE the place. We have 2 bikes from there (and three she grew out of) and I would never buy an arrow anywhere else. I'd buy ammo there too if I could, but you know.... NJ.

Never anything wrong with getting a good deal.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...


My wife is partial to Target. She handles some of their men's department orders. Their QC standards for men suits are very strict.

chess said...

No dig intended. I go there alot.I just bought alot of rifled slugs there last weekend. The guy looked at me like he should dial 911. Target is cleaner at least in west county St. Louis. But how do you get someone to get off their dealers(BHO) shit. $10 /hr wont get you off 6?hr for free. Yet they arent educated or driven enough to want retraining. Its a helluva a rock and a hard place.

chess said...

Obama’s Foreign Policy Approval Rating Drops After Mideast Turmoi
Wed Sep 19 2012 08:08:02 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time) · by tsowellfan · 4 replies ^
The first opinion poll to be conducted after last week’s deadly attack on a U.S. consulate in Libya and a spate of anti-American protests across the Muslim world has recorded a five-point drop in approval for President Obama’s handling of foreign policy. The NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released Tuesday found the president’s foreign policy approval among registered voters at 49 percent, down from 54 percent one month earlier. “The fall was steeper among independents, going from 53 percent in August to 41 percent.

That last sentence is so sweet. INDEPENDENTS

ikaika said...

So the video (47%) turned out to be edited.
18 minutes of audio missing.

in this day an age - 18 seconds of audio could trigger a haji uprising.

chess said...

You bounce around today and the left heads are exploding. 99% media control and and they cant take Mitt to the mat. Ryan was talking w folks in NH and said they basically want to "teach people to fish not give em a fish"...Amen
Larry O thinks Mitt is in with the terrorists...
BHO has spent well over 1 quarter billion and independents are heading to the right of center..IM begging for BHO to release the SPR at 92 a barrel. PLEASE

ikaika said...

John Harwood was a smug toad this morning. I had to turn off the tube.
I want to see his expression tomorrow when he has to swallow his bile.

chess said...

There was time ? 5-6 years ago that I thought John Whorewood was half tolerable. Ive worn out the mute button since then

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever heard Rush so down as the last few weeks. Maybe not down but even that guy is forecasting some gloomy events. I think he's finally realizing it... we're getting to that precious moment when the welfare crowd approaches the 50% + threshold.

I still think Romney will get it as the silent majority of our electorate is, I suspect, primarily white, middle class, male, educated and invested on many levels in a positive outcome for the world's greatest democratic experiment.

With the mideast on fire, the QE3 in effect and the US going into unparalleled debt, I think we've got enough instability to ensure that by 2016 something catastrophic will have happened i.e. limited nuke exchange somewhere, dirty bomb in mid-town Manhattan or London, global economic meltdown, that this event(s) is going to pre-empt what could otherwise be a slow descent by the US into a truly welfare-driven, socialized state.

This trend under Romney might be correctable but certainly not if we get another BHO term and not w/the media-industrial complex constantly preaching to the welfare classes that the Democrats are your friend.

If a worst-case scenario comes to pass... and it could... I suspect those that have and can do are going to have very little patience for those that don't, cannot or won't. All this liberal b.s. "compassion" is going to fly out the window. When the Berkenstock-wearing, Prius-driving crowd realizes that the tattoo-covered, obese, drug addled welfare types are competition on the bread line, subscriptions to the Utne reader will cease.

In NJ parlance (it has been years since I lived in NJ or anywhere near it so excuse me) it would be like the population of Inwood Heights landing in Redbank. Think that's really gonna work? Does any lib really believe that?

The corollary to all of this is the problem of race as it relates to disproportionate levels of poverty, welfare, low test scores, crime, etc. and I suspect there will be no honest discussion on any of this as too much of it is potentially destructive to liberal dogma and identity.

So who's actually cognitively disabled? Like Savage says: Liberalism is a mental disorder.

chess said...

Wow. I think the libs in congress and their bigger donors know this ends badly but most of em have money and will escape most of the pain..Nice writing.

ikaika said...

Liberals believe in taking power. They don't believe in putting people to work and every liberal socio-economic experiment has already been tried in California and New Jersey... and failed miserably.
Liberal don't look upon their failed experiments as lessons learned, but only in terms of how much power did they gain as a rersult.
If they increase the number of welfare recipients or the number of Gocvt dependents - they have succeeded.
They will then point to the fact that anyone that wants to "undo their achievemnets" will push granma off the cliff, deport alien honor students, and cut holes in the safety net.
Last night my wife attended the Romney Univision Q&A at UM.
It was mostly latinos for obvious reasons, but she said Mitt answered every Q with common sens.
One Q was about the cost of education and Pell Grants.
Mitt says "It's not about Pell Grants or the availability of Government programs. It's about fostering an environment that will promote employment. It's about being able to get a good a job after you've graduated."
He then gave a Ricky Bobby "With all due respect" to Donna Shalala - "Dean Shalalala - the cost of tuition and education is out of step with inflation."

chess said...

Cost is way out of step. Just makong more loans available just lets the colleges raise tuition faster.

ikaika said...

exactly what romney said.
Mentioned that the government solution is nothing more than saddling students with more debt...

Some economists have been ignoring or brushing off student loan crisis.

This could be fatal.