Wednesday, September 19, 2012

- IOS6 First Impressions

My iphone is my first ever Apple product and I bought it reluctantly. So I wasn't looking forward to the IOS6 update, but I wanted Siri to read me turn by turn directions. So I bit the bullet and upgraded today, pretty much as soon as it became available.

After dealing with a more than a decade of Microsoft's operating system "Upgrades" on PC's where the whole purpose was only to hobble the user more effectively, and make them more dependent on Microsoft support services, the IOS6 upgrade is a real treat. All the things I never used and wanted to get rid of have magically disappeared on their own.

I've played a little with the other features and they seem to all function at least as well as they did before. Siri seems much faster and has longer arms. Best of all, unlike all of the PC OS "upgrades" I've coped with (the quotes really are necessary in Microsoft's case) this was totally free.

Apple may be making computers which are for girls and gay men, but they certainly seem to value their customers more highly than the boys in Redmond. And it's nice not to get kicked in the teeth by my technology provider, only to be told to "shut my idiot pie hole because it's for my own damned good" and they be charged extra for it too.


Anonymous said...

I would've thought you an Apple guy. I went OS back in '08 for my personal work. Job issues me Dell w/whatever the flavor of the month MS suite is we're using right now. POS is what I call it. Welcome to the wonderful world of Apple products.

Tom said...

In truth I'm a Unix guy. But Apple has certainly made a positive impression on me.

Anonymous said...

Now that doesn't surprise me. I think if Jobs hadn't come back from his hiatus I would've gone the Unix route but I really don't do enough computing to fuss with it all. The Mac stuff comes out-of-the-box ready to go, it works and they've got most of the bugs worked out of the MS/OS integration so welcome to the club.