Wednesday, September 5, 2012

- A MasterChef Comment

My daughter and I have been watching this season of the Gordon Ramsey Show, 'MasterChef' together. Gordon Ramsey does a lot of television, most of which I find completely inane. To be frank I don't particularly care for the guy. But Masterchef has the appeal of being genuine people trying to make their way in a highly creative field. And I can get past the host to watch the contestants.

The premise of the show is that a group (a very large group at first) of amateur chef's compete against one another for a cookbook deal and some cash ala American Idol. It's a pretty good show if you like to cook, and some of the recipe's have been quite extraordinary. But by far the most extraordinary part of this season has been a graduate student from Texas, named Christine Ha, who apart from making her way into the final episode against one other aspiring chef, is also legally blind.

She's so humble and charming that it's impossible not to root for her. If she had the same vision as everyone else she would still be a fan favorite. She makes her way on the show using a sighted assistant who helps lead her around and sometimes describes how recipes are supposed to look on their plate. And she has not only kept up, but excelled.

Next week she's one of the two final contestants in the season finale. If you'd like to see someone who knows what it's about to excel with humility, I can't recommend this highly enough. So if you can stand an hour of Gordon Ramsey's effluvia, I'd highly recommend watching.

Here is Christine winning an earlier episode:


ikaika said...

The musical score is interesting ... it just says.. Glorious Pie on so many levels...

I like her last name... Ha!

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Did you catch the episode where one of the contestants gave her a live crab to work with? Big mother at that!

She managed to handle it quite well. I think she ended up in the top 3 in that challenge.

My wife wants me to try out for that show. There is no way in hell I would compete against the quality of cooking those finalists create.

Tom said...

My dad is the best chef I know.

I think he has more than enough talent to win the cooking portion outright, but at some point he'd end up beating the hell out of Gordon Ramsey - and that might effect his chances with the other judges.

chess said...

The visual on your page rit now makes me so look at Ramsey. Ha. BHO...I see
A sometimes prick who actually has a heart.
I see what America was is and could still be

And a prick without a heart who has tried for fours to beat us down and Im praying hasnt suceeded.
I have no dog in the fight anymore in this country but I hope to leave something better for my time here.

so many dam stations.TIME N CHANNEL?

Matt H said...

I agree that most of Gordon Ramsay's other shows have been stupid, but there's one I actually liked: Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. The BBC show, not the Fox show with a similar name. In the American version, the producers throw a bunch of money at the failing restaurant. In the UK version, it's a completely by-the-bootstraps turnaround, when he can manage it.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Matt H:
I have watched a bunch of the UK Kitchen Nightmares episodes on Youtube.

Ramsey is a bit more restrained with the 'showy' stuff (more IMO due to a much lower budget than a lower Gordon ego). It appeared that he would really try to help some obviously lost causes.

The most infamous example:


I noticed in one Hell's Kitchen episode, when Ramsey did get threatened, a whole lot of security swooped out of the background. Apparently 'beating the crap out of Ramsey' is a thought that goes through a lot of people's minds.

Tom said...

I totally love the BBC version of Top Gear, and find the American version a total waste of time, so I'm with you on the charm of the BBC versions.

But I could never listen to 'just Ramsey' for an hour.

chess said...

Hell. You make it sound like a sometimes Jerry Springer in the kitchen..Ill have to start tivoing it.

chess said...

As an aside. Its good to see that the traders hung around to drool on Kim K. on the Closing Bell.The girl has some nice junk in her trunk...But still a basket full of crazy

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Chess: Hell's Kitchen has deteriorated. When it first came out, you had more eager wanna-be chefs with one or two whack jobs thrown in.

Now its one or two chefs with the rest being whack jobs. The schtick gets old after a while. If I want that much dysfunction,I would travel back in time to a family Thanksgiving dinner when my in-laws visited.

Ikaika said...

I suggest you all take a peak at Drudge. Apparently the Dhimmis voted to put language back in the platform recognizing God and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel when they called the floor vote, they had to repeat it three times... In keeping on topic with master chef, I see tha veal is prominently featured on tonight's menu.

chess said...

Ill take a look. I didnt realize they added it back. DWS has been caught so many times lying its hard for my browser to keep up..Even Chuckie Schumer today said he wasnt sure where the dems stood on Israel.

chess said...

Jesus.And I do mean Lord Jesus..Any vote is not too expensive to flip flop for.
DWS on at 7 for her bs.
I could type for hours on this but just the video is enough.I think Gunbroker .com has once again found my kel-tec...Overnight it please.

ikaika said...

Doesn't Villaraigosa remind you of Frank Gorshin?

chess said...

LOL. Riddle me this? What does an idiot on stage do when he thought that holding a voice vote at 545 would pass before anyone showed up .AND IT DOESNT>