Thursday, September 27, 2012

- Obama Has Already Won The Debate

Ikaika and I have already started talking about it in the comments section, but I wanted to say something about the debates.

First of all, the Vice Presidential debate is absolute must see TV. Expect to see Joe Biden perform the verbal equivalent perverted hand gestures, and maybe the gestures themselves. Only a fool would forget to Tivo this classic. Imagine it as Milton Friedman vs. Captain Kangaroo. Now on to the real discussion.

The debates are all being hosted by people who are at the moment, busy flying cover for the Obama administration. This means that all the questions will be of the 'When do you expect to stop beating your wife governor Romney" variety. Even the questions to Obama will be about how he feels about governor Romney [allegedly] still beating his wife. There will be absolutely no discussion of any kind, of the record of the Obama administration in either domestic of foreign policy.

I expect the biggest loser of the debates to be George W. Bush, who as we know was responsible for everything bad that's ever happened since the fall of Constantinople. But that won't excuse Mitt Romney from complicity either - at least not as much as the moderator and the reviewing press corps will be concerned. By the time it's over I expect the media to be claiming that he is actually more responsible for the federal deficit than the man who has run the government for the last three plus years.

In the Republican debates Mitt was a leader, and could get by on not making forced errors. It's just my opinion of course, but I don't think that will do it this time. I think he needs to be as fast on his feet as Newt or John Sununu and offer the same confrontational defense of conservative principles that they would. Without that, the press will shape the discussion in a way that shows him in the worst possible light.

And even if he makes Obama cry; even if Obama is reduced to profanity and calling Romney a no good racist cracker; Even if Obama quotes Karl Marx, Mao Tse Tung and Che Guevara in every answer; even if he says that he'd offer a fiscal plan right now but the American people would be too stupid to understand it. Even if he spends the whole time practicing his golf swing and flirting with Chris Mathews while Valerie Jarrett and Richard Trumpka field his answers for him; even if he stand on stage, zips open his fly, and relieves himself on Romney's shoes - the press will call this a victory for him.

The entire range of possible outcomes for the presidential debates run from a complete Obama blowout, to a "very nearly a tie, with Obama squeaking out a victory". That's it. When normalized for the press's version of affirmative action, President Obama has already won the debates and the most Romney can hope for is a tie. They will defend this position to the death because it's really a defense of themselves. They believe that America is too stupid to run their own lives and they view the Obama administration as " the smartest people" taking over. They view themselves as a central part of that group and will therefore be totally unable to be impartial.

If that concept isn't an indictment of the major media, then I don't know what is.


Tom said...

Governor Romney, how do you respond to the charges that you killed the wife of a man who was laid off from one of your factories while at Bain Capital?

Romney: I unequivocally and categorically deny it. It's a slander of the worst order, and is totally untrue in every way.

Moderator: Well if you're not going to answer the question rationally you could just say so governor. President Obama, how do you respond to governor Romney's killing of a woman from a small Midwest town?

ikaika said...

However - Mitt's recent TV interviews like 60 mins and Meet the Depressed - David Gregory threw him several leading questions that were obviously intended to put Mitt on the defensive. Mitt responded by re-shaping the the intended answer back to his point.

When debate moderators demanded Newt Gingrich answer a stupid question, Gingrich made an impact that immediately launched him to the front. It also taught Mitt that ytou don't have to take every wrong-turn the Democrat GPS tells you to take.

ikaika said...


check this out:

Tom said...

One of the first things I ever learned about liberals is that the lies they tell are mostly intended to fool each other.

All I'm saying is that his 'actual' performance will matter not at all. By the time it's weighted for affirmative action, he will be the most brilliant debater since Thomas More.

chess said...

Agree..Mitt needs to talk to the nation not BHO. As to Biden vs Ryan I expect Ryan to look good but he cant be too aggressive. However the bar is set so low for Joey that if he gets an answer correct I half expect Groucho Marx and the duck drop down on stage.

Joe will say "I once shot an elephant in my pants yadda yadda

Tom said...

LOL... you said the secret woid!

You should write for SNL chess - that is, assuming they ever make fun of a Democrat again.

Maybe Biden is OK to ridicule because he's white.

chess said...

Id love to write for em but right now Im trying to figure out how to corner the bacon market like the Hunts did with silver.

In this country if I could control bacon I would be all supreme commander.

chess said...

Shit..Now Im on youtube watching Groucho clips...
Unfortuneatly my humor sometimes can go a little towards more of am Edgar Allen Poe.. Maybe from seeing lots of dead people in the trauma center.I didnt realize Poe was in West Point until he went a little bonkers and got the boot..Wouldnt he have been fun to serve under????

chess said...

Take a look at Drudge. I think BHO got caught staring through a peep hole in the girls shower.
If it was Mitt thats what theyd say