Friday, September 7, 2012

- Obama's Idea Of Fairness

If you believe that it's the free market that 'got us in this position in the first place' as President Obama says, then I don't know where to begin. No... that's not true. I know exactly where to begin. I should begin by saying that apparently you're an imbecile. The free market has done more good for more people - poor people in particular, than any other economic system. And it's not like it's a close call or a matter of opinion. It has created more wealth and more social benefit than government centric systems by a nearly immeasurable order of magnitude.

The President would have you believe that it's 'excess profits' which have taken the wealth from the middle class. Even Paul Krugman would tell you that's idiotic, and that economics is not zero sum. But to the President, and the labor union hacks who taught him how the world works, that's exactly how it seems. But in spite of that, every single economics department in every university in the entire country will tell you that it isn't so - even the most liberal ones.

The President says a lot about fairness, but he doesn't really mean fairness. Certainly the companies trying to compete with Solyndra weren't treated fairly. Neither were the bond holders who Obama said had to wait their turn behind the union during the GM 'bailout', even though they had contracts which said otherwise. The company that wanted to build the keystone pipeline wasn't treated fairly either, nor were the workers they didn't hire. So when Obama says 'fair' it's not what he really means. What he really means is, that if you're a contributor of his or if you have a project which his supporters like for some political reason, then you'll get 'special' treatment, while everyone else get's the shaft.

For him and the people like him, the problem is 'profits'. But profits are not the evil remainder squeezed from the blood and sweat of the workers. Profit is the degree to which people want what you've done with your resources more than they want the original resources themselves. In effect, profit is a mark of the amount of social value you've added through your business. And it's the sum of everyone's profits which amounts to the increase in our living standard. Maybe your living standard increases because what used to cost you $10 now costs you $1. Or maybe it's because you used to make 50K and now you make 100K. Either way, your living standard rises as profits increase.

But for the President, that won't do. In his mind a profit is an evil thing only to be allowed in the absolute minimum. He thinks it's much more fair to let politics decide who gets what. He want's to avoid 'equality under the law' at all costs because that would deny him the power to reward who he likes and punish who he doesn't. It's preferential results he's after, and 'fairness' be damned. All his talk of fairness is nothing more than out and out lies.

And while we're on the subject of out and out lies, Wall Street no more caused the credit crisis than Lakehurst NJ caused the Hindenburg disaster.

The credit crisis happened because Congress insisted that it should. They mandated that bad loans be made to people of poor credit. They built fanny and freddie with no consequences to failure, which inflated the market. Don't blame Goldman Sachse for the credit blowup, blame ACORN and the community organizers who would protest on their doorstep if they didn't do the things that eventually led to the credit crunch.


Chess said...

You are preaching to the choir. Unfortunately about 50% out there live off of us and they dont care bout fair. They want what we have. Thats their fair. If it was truely about fair then R&R would be a cakewalk. It isnt.
This is purely an us vs them and them are growing in massive numbers.. I have said before that this is the repubs last shot unless fomo is so dam bad that in 2016 Hiliary cant even win. But then with 22 tril in debt I dont know if a Ryan or whomever could work any magic.Plus in 4 yrs the "them" who are 14 right now become 18 and their vote = yours.Frightening.Abosolutely frightening.

chess said...

I had drinks with a conservative guy last pm that iI worked with for a longtime. He has put his 2 girls through college and played by all the rules. House is paid for and no debt. He is 60. Bout 2.5-3 mil in liquid stuff. Half that is in the pension plan I am a trustee of. He said last night that if its fomo hes out and will be happy to try 2-3% a year . game over.
He will even just stay cash if necessary. He will not ride BHO into the ground. Hes frugile so he probably can do it but I expect to hear from several more docs at that age especially when BHO crams exec orders about medicare/caid down docs throats. I think you will see mass retirement if fomo.
My only hope is R%R and jobs and that alot of them say wow a paycheck is better than a handout. then we would get FOMO!!!!!!
You all have a nice safe weekend.
Thanx for the brain exercise this week.

chess said...

Is this whats after Frith's ass???

HF1031 said...

Why won't you allow my comments to process? Do you not allow dissent on your journal? Intelligent people can be in disagreement with you and I disagreed civilly, so I don't understand the hiding.

Tom said...

All comments on posts older than 5 days are held for moderation to avoid spam - that's all. It's a standard setting from

I don't find your arguments particularly unique or persuasive, but I promoted the comments all the same.

chess said...

Ive seen at least 8 times that a Dem has called a Repub a nazi,communist. wanting kill jews etc, etc..Id really like to see a commercial putting these together and just show how low(sad) the dems have gone. I have bad feelings no matter who wins /loses in November.

N.J. Town Overrun With Anti-Semitic Graffiti, Other Messages Of Hate
All Over Manalapan Were Painted Swastikas, Plus Big Sign Saying 'Kill The Jews'
This is what 4 years of us vs them breeds. Who knows who did this crap but it doesnt help to have a prez who spews class warfare.

Tom said...

That's a town very close to mine. For the most part it's full of refugees from Staten Island and Brooklyn - mostly Jews, and Italians with a smattering of Irish.

I'm sure it was just some dumb kid.

Keith said...

I don't normally get dyspepsia, but this post produced an uneasiness secondary to its clarity and truth. As I work both days this weekend in order to better my family, it is disturbing to think my efforts would be construed to belong to others. But there is little room for any other I terpretatiom. It is disheartening.

chess said...

This really says it very well....shit.good read.

chess said...

Keith if you hit the NRO also take in Marc Steyn's article on Sandra Fluke. You will be just fu......n suicidal as to how accurate this shit is...How?????

CHESS said...


Thank you for voting!
Yes 11.61% (36,547 votes)

No 81.25% (255,834 votes)

No, but things could be worse 7.14% (22,476 votes)


Total Votes: 314,857

chess said...

just spent 2 hrs going thru Taki's Magazine including Tom's guy Derbs.. He sums it up pretty well with White people/men are pussies. Isnt that racist? I guess not.However its sad but true.
There are several tasty pieces there today but I think the one saying that has me down was from George Will today in saying after 5 things where BHO should be heading home "if the repubs cant win in this environment then they should dissolve themselves and go home.Also sad but true..Jesus please talk to some women and Hispanics.