Tuesday, September 25, 2012

- The 'Official" Problem


ikaika said...

I'd like to see the NFL scrap booth review and replay review.

A bad call is part of the game, just like in Baseball and Basketball.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Something I noticed on my way home yesterday:

My commute takes me past the local Democratic party headquarters for my ward. The windows were plastered with election posters for Sen. Menendez. Obama's name was nowhere to be found.

Big change from 2008 where Menendez's and Obama's name appeared simultaneously.

chess said...

Ikaika I agree but then you need the best refs on the field.
Theres a guy on this board now and then that studied Chinese. A longtime ago he taught me one of their sayings .

Cheap things are expensive.Expensive things are cheap.
Get quality the first time and you wont be replacing it all the time.NFL needs to pony up a little more before they damage the game.
I wouldnt mind unions so much as in GM or even the Chicago teachers if they put out a great product...They dont.

Anonymous said...

Guide bu gui, jiande, bujian.
Expensive things aren't expensive. Cheap things aren't cheap. Chinese is rich in idiomatic expression.

chess said...


Thanx...Should be an anti-union slogan
There are really smart people on this site.Keep educating me and someday I might be in that category.