Tuesday, September 18, 2012

- Re: Palestinians Have No Interest In Peace

US Republican presidential candidate filmed at fundraising dinner saying Palestinians "have no interest whatsoever in establishing peace," adding Iran would use nuclear capability to blackmail US.

There is a reason mother Jones didn't talk up this quote. To Jimmy Carter's dimwit grandson this looks like an indictment, but to the non "Jew Hating" world, this is a strong endorsement for Mitt's ability to see the world clearly.

Here comes your poll bounce Ikaika!

Jimmy Carters long standing antipathy to Israel (he ghost wrote speeches for Arafat you recall) is well known, and it's reasonable to believe that his grandson who is responsible for this latest 'leaked' video shares his beliefs. If he doesn't, he should simply say so. Until then though, I'm going to assume that he thinks this is inflammatory.

In my world (where we believe it would best serve world peace to build a 90 foot wall around Gaza and then fill it with water), this is not only not a big deal, it's evidence that Mitt can see the forest for the trees.

I salute Mitt Romney for saying out loud what generations of political hacks have obviously known but were either afraid to say, or hated the Jews too much to bother. It's a long way from demanding a return to the 67 borders at any rate.



chess said...

He can talk the truth till he turns blue from hypoxia but it wont get any airwave time unless its spun as Mitt wants to kill all muslims... He has to choose to become inflammatory or bypass the media hacks and go straight to the people.
Foreign policy would be a good one for national tv. BHO and Mr. wipple wouldnt be able to do a thing about it. Put up the timeline of the 1st pos embassy release apologizing for us breathing muslims air. He aint goin nowhere if he cant get his message out. and then its 90/10 it wont really be his message4 or not.
He has to get 3-4 of BHO's hammers away from him NOW

Keith said...

The adage goes like this: Lead, follow, or get out of the way. Jimmy Carter was and is incapable of all three. His offspring comes by it honestly.

chess said...

Now that I put on my Chris Mathews sweatshirt I see how Mitt is talking mass genocide against muslims....
BHO is about to send the blind sheik back to Egypt..

Bzod said...

In a surprise move, the libs/media way overplayed their hands. If 1 gotcha video (the 47%) was damaging, then 2 (Palestinians no interest in peace) would have to be 2x as good. Oops. If Mitt went into hiding until the debates and just played these 2 videos in a loop, it'd have a net positive impact on his vote total.

ikaika said...

Colorado: Romney 47%, Obama 45% (Rasmussen)

ikaika said...

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows Mitt Romney attracting support from 47% of voters nationwide, while President Obama earns 45% of the vote.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Romney is doing something politically dangerous: He is pointing out obvious truths.

I hope he keeps doing this..

The fact that Obama may get 47% of the vote is an indication of how badly the welfare state needs to be dismembered.. and fast!

chess said...

Amen..Hell...???????? That desnt sound right??

Anonymous said...

After the smoke clears following the Zombie Apocalypse the people coming after will say, "What was it like before the fall?"

And the correct answer will be... Lies became truth.

Hope Mitt can break the spell.