Sunday, September 16, 2012

- Slug A Journalist For Freedom

I think it might be a worthwhile movement - slug a journalist for freedom. Since our liberal journalists have proven to be more liberal than journalist, maybe we really should do that very thing.

If there is one thing a liberal responds to it's threats of violence. They're perfectly happy to knuckle under to any bully who threatens them personally, and will only attack those they believe will never offer violence. Take a look at the difference between the way they treat Muslims and the way they treat Christians. Christians don't riot and murder - so they are berated and hounded to the end of the earth. Muslims don't stand for freedom of speech, so the American journalists treat them with nothing but respect.

So I think this is a plan. Anytime you're somewhere public and you hear someone say they have something to do with the publication of (what we still laughingly call) news, you should just haul off and belt them in the mouth. Make every journalist in the country afraid to say what they do out loud. And while it's true that indiscriminately punching journalists may mean that a few conservatives get hit for no good reason, I still think we can feel safe in going with the odds. When you explain it afterward to that all too rare conservative with the facial bruise, I'm sure they'll understand.

You'll be striking a blow for freedom. You'll be the right arm of liberty - diminishing the effect of what Mark Steyn accurately calls "the court eunuchs" who are doing their best to see this country ruined. It won't help any political cause specifically, but it will let journalists know that America is on to them. And in the end that can only be a good thing.

At least, this is what I'm going to tell the court at my bail hearing if I see anyone I know from Reuters this week.


Chess said...

Derbs summed it up in his article i believed called "white men are pussies".
This am I watched Netanyahu chew up David Gregory.Sad. Violence towards media may be the only way to wake em up but even that would just give em something to write about...Tea Party blogger kills Chris Mathews..hmmmm.
Mitt needs to stay aggressive but then the press will say he flip flopping and campaign in trouble.Im not sure wether Nitt has the correct mix in his handlers...In fact I dont think he does..Im tired of it. Ill vote and then Ill make some new plans for my pension and my future in America. This is the last chance for conservatives...All those 8th graders in Chicago who cant read will be able to vote in 2016..
I will pray tonite that a chunk of BHO base doesnt show up. Also that the Jewish folks WAKE THE FU.. UP.. Also that 25yo stop drinking the koolaid and that independent women say enough.. If any single one of those doesnt occur then turn out the lights on the USA

chess said...

Now everyone remember if you read this that this is FOX NEWS.Not real media its Fox media.

chess said...

Does Paul Ryan Have a Palin Problem? He Just Might
Reihl World News ^ | September 16, 2012 | Dan Reihl

Posted on Sunday, September 16, 2012 12:49:25 PM by Bratch

Pardon the phrase, but for the most part, the McCain campaign worked very hard to keep Sarah Palin on a leash. That may be happening to Paul Ryan to some extent, now – though I’m not claiming an exact comparison. Take the personalities and positions out of it and look at it as a campaign style. If the Romney camp does that, similar to what McCain did – try to keep the gloves on just enough – they’ll go down throwing rabbit punches.

People can think what they want of Obama and his team. But no one should fool themselves into thinking they aren’t heavyweights when it comes to campaigning. When you step into the ring with a heavyweight and pull your punches, you will always get your clock cleaned. It would be wise to remember something Barack Obama once implied: White House to Dems on town halls: “If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard”

The Ryan piece below by Zeke Miller at BuzzFeed.

Romney Camp Decides: The Economy Isn’t Enough
“It’s not enough just to criticize,” says Ryan. Agrees an aide: “We have to bring more to the table.”

Ryan himself has emerged as a central player in this calculation, making the case internally for a clearer conservative policy message. One high level Republican with ties to the campaign told BuzzFeed that Ryan was chaffing at Boston constraining him from talking about and defending his policy ideas from Democratic attacks. Ryan wanted to be “unleashed,” the Republican said.

We will lose this gunfight with ammo still in our holster and few "marks" on BHO..Wake up Repubs.....Shit

CHESS said...

Alleged US spy crucified in Yemen
Sunday, September 16, 2012 2:14:16 PM · by aquila48 · 5 replies
Times of Israel ^ | August 30, 2012 | Staff
An Al-Qaeda-affiliated group in Yemen crucified an alleged US spy, and posted a video of the crucifixion on YouTube, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) said on Wednesday. MEMRI posted the clip, but only to subscribers and with a viewer discretion warning. The Washington, DC-based media watchdog said the man had been crucified by Al-Qaeda-affiliated Ansar Al-Shari’a for allegedly directing US drones targeting terrorists in Yemen. It said the YouTube clip was posted on Monday.

Youtube has has it. Its too graphic for me to put here. Gives you an idea how Jesus died for us...I am reaching my limits with this pos prez leading us down this path.....

JD said...

I'm in!

JD said...

I'm in!