Thursday, September 20, 2012

- Still Stuck On 'Stupid"

Many of you are familiar with ParaPundit. Well yesterday, I was complaining about something or other in an email with our man Derb. It was something boring and tedious, and he was trying to politely straighten me out a little - as is his way. In his lucid response he referred me to a Parapundit Page.

This isn't it.

This is a separate page which I happened across when I was glancing around a little trying to avoid doing my real job.

One of the great mysteries of liberalism is how it manages to be so reliably wrong about everything. Liberal policies fail to achieve their stated goals FAR more than pure chance would dictate. And I think this might point to a reason - even if IQ isn't a direct cause.

When you have a failed decision making process, it becomes impossible to learn when to change your decision making process.


ikaika said...


My wife attended the Romney univision Q&A last night.
To exemplify "stupid", do an Internet Search "Romney Univision" and read the only reports on it.
While CNN presents a bit more thorough analysis - it missed several key points. a WSJ Blog focused on immigration issues.

Mitt talked about alot of issues and the oinly thing the press could 'harvest' from it was fodder for mouth foaming nonsense.

chess said...

When I trained residents and med students and later supervising CRNA''S i would tell them call for help when you see the gator getting out of the water.Not when he has a mouthful of your ass..;You could tell early on those who had the ability to reason through that bad shit was about to start. The dumb ones consistently lost pieces of their asses and made me age quickly.
I would set them down and say 2+2=4 and theyd say yes.then it was 2+2+2=6.. and it would be huh? Theres gazillions of folks that cant go past first step before they have to hit the reset button at work and in life.
Someone who can go out 3-4-5-6 steps cant reason with someone that only goes to 2+2=4

ikaika said...

Experiment: consider the Unemployment Data and present it to libs. You may as well speak latin.
Then present de-regulation as a means to spur growth and you get sputtering nonsense echoing Bill Clinton's "That's what got us here in the first place..."

Tom said...

Right... but it ISN'T how we got here in the first place.

This actually goes to chess's analysis of the issue, and I tried to write something about it yesterday but ran out of time.

Remember that drunk test that Steve Martin had to do in the man with 2 brains? It's like that.

The market give objective answers so the politicians say " we don't like those answers so we need to control it. Set a mandate or a regulation. When the market says "That makes no sense, but we'll do what we can" politicians respond with, well if you can do that do this other senseless thing too."

They keep adding on unrealistic irrational, but politically popular requirements. No recourse lending. Mandatory sub prime lending. Mandatory risk requirements. Mark to market mandates. And so on and so on, and so on.

Eventually the market breaks and the politicians say "SEE!! the MARKET is broken! We need more rules!!!" but it's their irrational and contradictory rules that broke it in the first place.

Imagine a bus driver with an insane cop sitting behind him covering the drivers eyes periodically and issuing new traffic rules like "drive with one hand!... balance this tea cup on your head!... put these ping pong balls in your mouth!" then when the bus eventually crashes, they blame the driver because they think he should be able to respond to any obstacle no matter how deranged. but it's really the fault of the deranged policeman.

chess said...

Just got back from some med stuff. Im sitin in the office and hear Soledad saying great that the weekly's are under 400k..Really???
This good news cause we are growing and healing.Really??? Im not sure that Soul would get the actual 2+2=4.And I like the bus driver analogy.Dead on.

Anyone see Marc Steyn on Kudlow...Lots of good stuff. I could only hope he would be able to prep Mitt for debates.

ikaika said...

Remember that drunk test that Steve Martin had to do in the man with 2 brains? It's like that.


Anonymous said...

"One of the great mysteries of liberalism is how it manages to be so reliably wrong about everything. Liberal policies fail to achieve their stated goals FAR more than pure chance would dictate."

- Maybe because liberal ideology has so little to do with natural law. Survival of the fittest, etc.

Man, I love this blog. I have pondered this issue... It is uncanny how every GREAT, NEW idea they come up with fails miserably and more often than not serves to perpetuate the very condition they were trying to ameliorate.

The huge issue is liberalism's attempt to address, above and beyond all else, the issue of human suffering. I don't disagree w/ I think it was Ikaika, who said it's all power based. I concur. I also know a lot of left-leaning folk who truly believe in their cause and do want to address privation, pain, hunger, etc.

Liberalism gets off course, fundamentally, by denying the potentially negative traits of human nature i.e. competition, fear, etc. They're starting off w/a deficit as they cannot reconcile human nature with their idealized outcome of harmony and utopia.

Christianity does a much better job of bringing succor to the masses by recognizing and to some degree, accepting, rather than denying, our inherent problematic traits.

I would offer as proof the history of 20th century Europe post WWII when the East went ultra liberal i.e. Marxist/socialist and the West went western Democrat.

The results speak for itself.

chess said...

Nicely put Anon.