Monday, September 3, 2012

- What A Totally Empty Suit

Thanks for the heads-up chess.


Chess said...

Ive listened to it ?6 times.It doesnt get old.Kudos to whomever sat down and matched up 4 years apart. Wouldnt one of his handlers have said something or is he that egotistical, maniacal, arrogant that hes above us.
We (not us) swallowed it once. I have to believe this makes alot of people say fool me once yadda yadda yadda... This man has sent a message to Iran that he wouldnt back Isreal.Cant wait for this to unfold.

Anonymous said...

The West, Europe and the United States, can afford, perhaps, to entertain notions of grandeur, "statecraft" and legerdemain vis a vis Iran. This function is indicative of the heavy PR we in the West pump out re strategic security and The East, at least for public consumption. My guess is Israel, with little buffer room to spare, will get us all re-oriented to reality real quick- like in the event they hit Persia. We are living in interesting times.

ikaika said...

The perfect attack ad.
Repeating History

ikaika said...

I'll feel sorry for the media when when Romney becomes president.

The war on Private Equity is a war on small business and a war on employment.

I hope that people remember the great lengths our complicit media went to villify a pillar of entrepreneurship.