Monday, October 22, 2012

- An Alpha Male Nation

With international affairs becoming the talk of the day, I think it makes it clear how wise I was to get a couple of other people involved in writing this blog. I'm an economics and finance guy. There is an element of international affairs in that, but it hardly makes me an expert. Except for the fate of Israel (and maybe the Euro) I'm not even really all that interested in it. But I do have one thing to say.

Right now, drudge has a few (just a few) of the photos of Obama bowing to various world leaders up on it's page. I'm sure Obama viewed those episodes as nothing more than good manners, but it wasn't. It was taking a subordinate role. And that role does not suit the character of America, which is an alpha nation.

We are leaders, like it or not. That means high risk, high reward, and having all the other beta nations (like France for instance) envy us our strength. It's harder to be an alpha, but if it's in keeping with your character, it's almost impossible to avoid. That's very true of America. And we should have an alpha male in charge. Obama is no alpha male. He might as well have worn his pink bike helmet when he went on his apology tour.

Obama is a beta. And he can't pretend to be otherwise without exhibiting the typical beta traits. All that bowing was merely him submitting to his most natural instinct. Meanwhile the petulance, the unpredictability of his temper, the thin skin - all are typical of a beta male trying to be more than his instincts would have him be. The thing that would probably make Barry happiest is to step to the back where he can whine and complain with impunity, and let a real man be in charge for a while - like Michelle.

Obama thinks bowing is good manners. If that's so then kissing the sandals of world leaders must be REALLY good manners. If you're a beta, that's how the world looks. Obama wouldn't know this, but it's possible to to be polite without debasing yourself and your nation in the process. It's possible to treat other leaders and other nations as your equal without coming off as rude. That egalitarian tendency suits the American character too since here, each man is sovereign. But Obama has never been able to figure that out.

Mitt Romney is nothing if not well mannered. He's a real man, of good character. In many ways he's typical of the American ideal. He's personally humble and industrious, and has a good clear head on his shoulders. And if elected, he is certainly not going to be going on any bowing tours. When abroad he will insist, (not demand mind you, only beta's feel the need to demand things, but he will politely insist) that the world leaders deal with him - the leader of the world's greatest nation - as an equal. He will present himself as the Alpha male in chief of the Alpha nation. The leader of a nation of leaders.

He will not force foreign leaders to debase themselves, but he will not bow. The leftists in the media will call this posture (both political and physical) an outrage. Let them. We know who they are, and they know we know it. That whining can only come from the back of the pack. It's time for them all to be quiet and let a real man be in charge for a while.


ikaika said...

Alpha = win within the stricture of the rules, knowing the game and rules well enough is an advantage to the alpha.
Beta = skirt the rules at all costs to achieve the desired outcome.

side-note: Harwood looks like a deer in the headlights this morning...

ikaika said...

"Dilbert" Cartoonist endorses Romney. The looney Left goes off kilter and takes away his Beta-card

chess said...

Ikaika.. Saw Whorewood also..I immediately thought of War Games... "Would you like to play a game"?

The press is locked up in a game of unbeatable tic tac toe Mitt.Bring down Mitt. buzzz. Bring down Mitt buzz. They are realizing they cnt win and thus are as you say---deer in headlights.

ikaika said...

The Debate should be fun. I heard Obama will be on a unicycle to effectively back-pedal away from his entire FoPo record.

Did you know he killed bin Laden?

chess said...

He won a Nobel Peace Prize.. And he rebuilt the icecaps to pre "W" levels. Allah has blessed us all.

frithguild said...

Only real fans like a victory dance when the team scores a touchdown. I don't think anybody really believes the death of human being, no matter how reprehensible, should be celebrated. Americans have a long tradition of believing that even the most wretched may be reformed. This is why nobody danced in the streets when OBL was taken down.

This is why I don't think the OBL qualification appeals to swings in swing states. Just my SWAG.

Keith said...

This is a great post.

Vishnu said...

Best line from Scott Adams article: for most supporters of President Obama, I don't think there is such a thing as a "firing offense."