Tuesday, October 9, 2012

- The "Black" Question

I had a chance to meet and talk briefly with Colin Flaherty, the author of the controversial book, "White Girl Bleed A Lot", a thoroughly depressing compendium which document's the dramatic rise in insta-mob black on white violence in America. By his own description the book offers no causes, proposes no solutions and addresses the political and policy questions not at all. It's just the facts. And the facts, frankly, are horrifying.

According to Flaherty, a journalist and PR man by vocation, this trend is not only accelerating but is nationwide, and in areas where you would least expect. It's happening in shopping malls, convenience stores, suburban downtown's - none of the places you would expect a violent and angry black mob. And while the journalist community either doesn't report it at all or greatly minimizes the scope of the issue, thanks to smart phones, there is now documented video evidence of much of it available all over the internet.

One particular episode he mentioned had to do with a tiny article he found in a back page of the LA Times about some kids who were throwing fireworks at some police officers. When he drilled into it to get the details he asked a witness how many kids were involved "About 800." they said. Well how many policemen were involved? "About 300". And yet, the LA Times thought it warranted only the tiniest mention. You've never heard of this story, and but for Flaherty, neither would have anyone else.

The worst part about this though is how it's become an unsolvable problem. Even if we were able to discuss it, which clearly we are not, solutions don't exactly spring to the fore. If we were to halt the programs that have shattered the black family and made black culture so gangrenous, the only result would be ten thousand Detroit's and Camden's. But if we continue them - even in a more limited and less luxurious form - we assure that the current problems become even worse.

America's path seems to me to be a convergence to the global mean where the poor are concerned. The gap between rich and poor in Brazil for instance is 5 times that in the US. Taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor doesn't solve that problem - as we're seeing it only makes it worse. And in our future, blacks look to me to be taking on the role of the permanently Favela bound impoverished underclass.

What happens to that segment of society in Brazil (and the rest of the third world for that matter) is that the establishment doesn't care about them at all. Kill one, or kill 100, it's no big deal. All crime goes uninvestigated in the lowest classes. The only time it becomes an inconvenience to the establishment is if it looks to cost someone in the upper classes money.

And if it looks to do that in any sort of scale, then the lower classes have the establishment to fear at least as much as each other. One soldier with a rifle can create a lot more mayhem than a dozen "gansta rappa's". As the violence in the black community grows worse, an event like that is sure to happen just as it often does in the third world.

The real tragedy of this trend is that it will become all but impossible for an intelligent and civilized black man or woman to rise from the slums anymore. It will be too dangerous and expensive for people to take a chance on them. And in the same way that affirmative action institutionalized the doubt that a black kid with a college degree really deserved it, the next set of institutional changes will freeze the black population into the slums of America forever as a reaction to their violence.

In a sense, all the worst nightmares of the black community will have become self fulfilling - and in the end they will have brought it all on themselves. They will have insisted by their violent mob behavior that they be allowed to take on the role of the permanent underclass of America in spite of the best efforts and intentions of the rest of us.

I personally think that's tragic - particularly because all the black people I know (just like virtually all the white people I know) are intelligent educated prosperous and civilized people. The uneducated and pointlessly violent black community might make things a little harder for me, but they're going to make things much harder for them. And I think that's completely undeserved.

But in the end I'm a spectator to this whole thing. There really isn't anything I or any other white American can do about it.


chess said...

Your blog with Dr, Sowell said it well. 75% of blacks born out of wedlock. 50% of latinos. 33% of whites. Then go back and see if a black child was born into a stable 2 parent relationship and they jump off the curve for the other black babies.
I just dont see how it ends well. But i do know it wont end with me being cut and bleeding. Nor anyone I know well.
The dems said lets us lift you up and out of poverty and in reality fu..d em good. So now I think you approach them and say small helping hands but not handouts. You learn to speak english and bathe and we(R&R) will help you get a job. Then they start getting a little skin in the game. Now they just get some goodies but no skin.. I think people always care a little more with skin in the game.

chess said...

If we could just get more inner city youth to watch Sesame street all would be well...But whats this?


Sesame Workshop Response to Campaign Ads
Tue Oct 09 2012 10:11:20 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time) · by Perdogg · 18 replies
Sesameworkshop.org ^
Sesame Workshop is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization and we do not endorse candidates or participate in political campaigns. We have approved no campaign ads, and as is our general practice, have requested that the ad be taken down.

Apparently BHO should be paying more attention to The Count....Cause he is COUNTING down the days to VEAL.

chess said...

I think Hell said this could get ugly. You have to watch this.


chess said...

David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Research Center, says his polling organization will no longer take anymore presidential polls in the states of North Carolina, Virginia and Florida.

"In places like North Carolina, Virginia and Florida, we've already painted those red. We're not polling any of those states again. We're focusing on the remaining states," Paleologos announced on FOX News' "O'Reilly Factor" on Tuesday.

On the surface good news but.....Am I missing some sort of trick by the dems????

chess said...

Ok. While I wait for another brain teaser from the guys I have a question.Who is this idiot???

Don't go there, Donny . . . Donny Deutsch has opened a can of worms—or shall we say, a carton of Clairol. On Morning Joe today, Deutsch suggested that it looks like Mitt Romney colors his hair, and argued that Americans would lose trust in a candidate who does. But could Deutsch possibly not know of the evidence that his guy Barack Obama has also grabbed the Grecian Formula on occasion? View the video and photo evidence here.

And since no one asked what I did for my weekend just look here

eah said...

document's downtown's Detroit's Camden's rappa's

You don't need an apostrophe in any of these instances.

Regarding the content of this post, my feelings run more toward disgust and anger, rather than any kind of soul-searching or hand-wringing about it. I'm certainly not interested in trying to solve, or having a government tax me in its attempts to solve, what I now consider to be irremediable black dysfunction.

My anger is directed toward Blacks themselves, especially public leaders of the 'black community', as well as the media, since the latter two are responsible for ignoring, downplaying, and, in the case of the media, outright censoring the reality of this in an attempt to keep it from the public consciousness.

ikaika said...

Is the problem race-related per se, or related to the Liberal Perception Of Race?
I would agree that liberals and their varying and competing degrees of "victimhood" are responsible for all of societies ills.

Tom said...

One of the topics raised was that white liberals caused this. They know they caused it, and they know it has had a monstrous effect. And for that reason, they can't possible face up to it.

They have no choice but cognitive dissonance. They have to emotionally double down and continue to pretend that the problem is unrelated to race.

October 10, 2012 12:34 PM

Tom said...

To eah:

If you're going to have a big problem with spelling, punctuation and grammar, you are in the wrong place.

I'm not a professional writer, I'm a mildly dyslexic hedge fund manager. I don't think there is a single blog post (that I've written anyway) that has taken more than 45 minutes to compose. In most cases they take less than 10 and are published in their first draft - all editorial errors included.

My presentation is very often a disaster, but I think most of the people who find their way here find the thinking underneath it to be pretty clear. Given my time constraints that's really the best I can do.

chess said...

EAH...The folks here are all very nice from what Ive found.It seems as long as you have some foundation for your argument you are welcome.
My original typing here made several folks reach for an extra blood pressure pill every am. I still dont use those fancy commas etc.See previous dont.
You will find that the smartest one of all on this blog has gone underground . HA.

chess said...

Over on Drudge right hand column is a pix of DWS getting caught in another lie..That pix could be used as one of the 12 step program in AA. Itl scare you sober

ikaika said...

CNBC has been regurgitating Simpson-Bowles as a primer to tonight's debate...
Apparantly this will be Ryan's achilles-heel.

Such nonsense.

If you ask any of the "new proponants" of the dead-bill, they wouldn't be able to tell you with sureity what this bill was going to accomplish.

It is a "straw" wedge-issue since a handful of Republicans said SB was merely a step in the right direction.

That only step was that phantom of bi-partisan accomplishment.

I want to see Biden try to hang the Bill-Killer mantle on Ryan tonight, and then I want to hear Biden try to defend why Obama did the same thing.

ikaika said...

another OT observation:
Listening to Andrew Sorkin trying to talk sports is as awkward as you would imagine.

chess said...

Ikaika I agree. If I was Ryan I would have a trash can next to the podium. When Joey brings it up Paul should crumple a piece of paper and toss it into the can. Then say BHO round filed Simpson-Bowles....Next

ikaika said...

for debate moderators they should get someone like Arthur Miller - the legal expert.
What will happen is that the dingbat tonight will heave Biden a softball, Biden will follow with a logical fallacy and the moderator will demand that Ryan entertains the logical fallacy.

chess said...

Not sure if Joey can hit a softball. She might have to actually walk up on stage and place a tee-ball stand up and help him swing. Then she can yell Run Forrest(Joey) run.She will look at Ryan and just call him out from the dugout

ikaika said...

Back on topic - sort-of:


chess said...

That was a SMACK DOWN. God if newt didnt have the baggage.

By the way Ikaika ..You are a racist for even posting that!!...Im keeping an eye on you......