Monday, October 29, 2012

Bracing for the Eye Down the Shore

About 150 feet of my beach is under water. Much of the beach has been taken away. I am seeing 12 to 14 faces.

The dunes they bulldozed up are just being topped. The towns that are growing dunes will come out of this one looking quite wise. The boardwalks not protected by dunes will be damaged. Probably Avon and parts of Belmar.

I am hearing the storm is tracking northwest. If the eye tracks Point Pleasant or north that will be very good for the barrier Islands and Atlantic City. The biggest surge will be north of the eye.

If the eye tracks over the Shrewsbury River, that will be very bad for New York City. That will put the Sandy Hook to Gateway toilet bowl drain plug scenario in play. Wind is NNE, which shading more to the North. This is good for New York. Looks like she'll keep moving west rather than parking, so the drain plug will pull when that happens.

I am guessing Bloomberg will call for a zone 2 evacuation. There aren't enough School Buses in New York to take care of the worst case.

P.S. I took my toothbrush with me when I headed west.


chess said...

If NYC floods with the sewers and subway maybe we will actually see if there are rats the size of a dog....Oh and dont forget the alligators....

ikaika said...

that already happened in '93.
I'd hate to be a Sand Hog afteer this one...