Saturday, October 20, 2012

Close the Deal Mitt!

Don't expect Mitt to try to close anything now that somebody in an 8x10 office somewhere in the much maligned Washington Intelligence community fired a 12 inch shell that is hurtling toward the thin skinned HMS Invincible. We have already seen the the dialog unfold. Hillary gets out in front with the tried and true fog of war packaging, which has been somewhat effective.  The story has drawn enough blood for the President to get directly involved by saying that if you find something broken in government, you fix it.

The Romney riposte I think has been perfect. Ryan has been out cracking the story open more broadly by indicting the Obama Mideast foreign policy generally. He has said that Obama has outsourced out foreign policy to the UN, while giving the Russians veto power in Syria, which will lead to greater control for groups like Al-Qaida.  In Lebanon, a Brigadier General has been taken down. I think it likely this bombing is related to the wholesale compromise of intelligence assets because we lost an embassy. Regardless, anyone who thinks goings on in the Mideast are important feels like the smartest guy in the room.  A solid Democrat voting block now is in a position to be persuaded.  Mitt's position here is very wise because if anything erupts in the Mideast, he has the foundation to move with the news flow.

I think Chris Christie is working behind the scenes on Mitt's message control. Obama, in many ways is an opponent like Corzine. I think Mitt's people like their internals and will stick to their plan. Few though Christie would beat Corzine as handily as he did. The Christie campaign was extraordinarily well disciplined and focused on message control. That is how a Republican wins in state with many Democrats and a large number of independents.

Mitt will stay above it all to keep his Presidential appearance. He will not go for a kill in the next debate. He will let Obama kill himself by a death of a thousand cuts.

Mitt is a chalk player. He is the kind of guy who would go to the horse track and show everybody how to do a show parlay.  He would pick the best horse and jockey in each race using some algorithm few understand, then bet each one to come in third. Not very satisfying to conservatives that want red meat. As I see it, if conservatives become very happy at this point in the election process, Romney is in big trouble. The message must be focused on swing voters in swing states.

Although I think Mitt is capable, he will never throw a 97 mph fastball before election day. One swing at pitch like that can be a home run. Romney will pitch Obama down and away, because he goes the opposite way so poorly.


chess said...

Excellent summary Frith.. Go Go Cards.

chess said...

Someone give me their thoughts on the WH tossing out this bs about being in "secret talks" with Iran..All I come up with is BHO ducking all questions at debate cause theyre "secret".. This is Valerie and Mr. Wipple

Ikaika said...

Frith, in the baseball analogy, the score going into the 5th inning was Obama 2, Romney 1.
In the 6th, team Obama pitching and fielding collapsed. Romney batted around the order two times. It's 7-2 in Romney's favor with a rested bullpen.
In the 7th, Obama scored 1 run and Romney coasted.
It's 7-3 and tomorrow will be the 8th inning.
Romney has to avoid serving up softballs- so far he has avoided that, and the grueling 18 game preseason in the reps primary gave him some leather.
Obama sat out spring training. He took himself out of a few games and most notably, in June and July, during the mid summer peak, he took his bat and ball and glove and said he was going home. All because someone in the press had the audacity to challenge the dream act espionage in the rose garden.
Since then, Obama has only played a few innings in exhibition games.
When I was a kid, I believed the Harlem Globetrotters could beat any team, even th Lakers or the celtics.
Then when you realize that in the low post you have guys like bill lambeer or artis Gilmore, and not meadowlark lemon or culy Neal, the pro game is combat.
I'll cue up sweet Georgia brown when I watch Obama take on McCain.
Obama vs Romney, I'll cue up Carmina Burana.
The globetrotters played the same team, the Washington generals, and played by their own rules to enhance the entertainment and make the public want more.
People are waking up to watching the Globetrotters try to play in an NBA play-off, with real refs, and no time-outs for buckets of confetti.
Sure, Obama went on the view and Comedy Central to clarify his globetrotter appearances. He's all about entertainment. It's not about beating anyone, but maintaining the illusion that he can beat anyone.
Maybe he should bring out the confetti bucket for the next debate....

Ikaika said...

Ps. Checkout sultan knish today on the iconographic potus.

frithguild said...

Nice read at Sultan Knish. I have been saying for a long time that Stalin was well acquainted with Islamism because he is from Georgia. His innovation to Communism was adopting elements of Islamism that require submission. Stalinism is Islamism without Allah. Policies that failed in confronting Communish will also fail in confronting Islamism. The American right, however, is paralyzed by the religion component to the argument. They are pinned by the intolerant label.

Ikaika said...

Perhaps we dig deeper. By allowing Iran to go nuke, we have enabled another Ottoman Empire. The ottoman Turks were able to cultivate foreign fighters into their cause via the commonality of Islam.
Per chance Israel is neutralized, then nuclear Iran controls not only the Middle East, but Islam abroad.
We won't have any winged hussars to repel the hordes this time around. Nor will there be a western leader with enough popular support to dilute Islamization.

Keith said...

Ikaika, I was having Sunday morning amusement with your sports analogies, which are spot on and funny. Then I read your latest post, which is not so funny. The key word is "perchance". Should that occur, all bets are off on the next move. Very stimulated posts.

frithguild said...

Putting aside the Turkey looking to the East, stuff, I'm not seeing the rise of any larger states or the changing of any boundaries in the Mideast any time soon. Criticize the Neocons if you wish, but Irag has a power structure that is more divided than under the Baths. We put them more out of reach of Islamists. Due to the ineptitude of Obama, Syria is moving from Bath-ism to Islamism.

As Iran continues to inflate there will be increasing instability, which can be a major flash point. Their desperation could lead to extraordinary stupidity before the regime fails. The best case is a failure of Islamism replaced with something more Persian. There will be no help from Obama to move in such a direction.

So for the time being Iraq is a big mass damper between major oscillations.

chess said...

And among all of this Israel is wondering where its "300" will come from and where they will hold....Or maybe Israel is the 300.

p.s. Ikaika with your knowledge of the game could you do me a favor and get McCarver out of the dam booth and take his place.Its mind numbing to have to listen to the jabber crap he spews.....sorry

frithguild said...

btw, Winged Hussars = Iron Dome - add in Merkava IV's and there's your 300 chess so long as we have no cracks about the Mount of Olives!

chess said...

Ok Mr. international arms dealer!!! I had to look those up but they should do quite nicely.
A question in my mind is the what if scenario of a nuke. They are best detonated above ground like in Japan. The defense missile shield would seem to have to knock it down while still a long way off. I hope so.
At least R&R would have their back s or whats left of their backs.Shit. A shame we even entertain these thoughts

ikaiika said...

based on the cold-war, when a nation graduates to a nuclear weapon, it's neighbors don't spin out of contrtol, they tend to fal in behind the local bully.
A nuclear weapon gives you automatic entry into the high rollers club. you are no longer sittting at the 5 & 10 roullette wheels with everyone else. Not only ar you invited in and your credit gets matched, they escort you in - comp your drinks, comp your steak sandwich and the suite under the glass minaret is yours as long as you avoid rattling the sabre.
It won't Pan Perisianism. Persians are as long forgotten as Assyrians and Babylonians. They are a relic. Now - like the prophet had done and the Turks had accomplished, once you control the region - not with oil, but with a bomb or two, you don't blow up israel.
You deploy your weapon against your closest ally: Syria or Turkey.
People say "that's crazy talk! Syria is practically a satellite of Tehran!"
True - the Quds are carrying water for Bashar, but they are also filterig loose support to the rebels.
Is it Crazy Talk? Look what the USA did to Egypt and Libya...
We had "Our Bastards" in control, and out of behind the scnes diplomacy, our POTUS decides to scrap Middle East policy and pursue a supplantive but removed form of nation building.
Romney should hang the Meddling monicker on Hussein. The far left criticized Bush for pursuing a policy of nation building.
Talk about Picking the Losers (the best Romney "Bazinga" from the first debate).
That is also applied to Hussein's failed foreign policy: beginning with Honduras.

chess said...

Ikaika you are correct. That North Korea even makes the news says you are correct. The gdp is that of weekend lemonade stand located in downtown Detroit. .
Van Jones says BHO is a towering figure in foreign policy because he got Bin Laden and has a Nobel Peace Prize..Both of those are sooo wrong in so many ways it hurts.
Mitt will be ok if he just as Frith says says low and away but every now and then brings a little Bob Gibson "chin music" .

frithguild said...

You could look to the cold war as setting the pattern, but then strapping a fat man onto a prop aircraft was all you needed to do. Iran has had to deal with software attacks and a near hyperinflation to bring it across the line. Gamma point sources are tracked from geosynchronous sensors. Getting a weapon off the ground is not what it used to be. It is about silicon.

Besides - I just wanted to post another message because there were 13 - unlucky.