Tuesday, October 9, 2012

- The "Cooked" Unemployment Numbers

I personally find the Liesman - Santelli show boring. It usually makes me reach for the mute button. And in this case both of them are full of it. So let me tell you my view (shared by many) on how the unemployment numbers were 'cooked'.

It's a consensus not a conspiracy. Government employees are, along with blacks and single women, one of the most devoted 'big government' demographics in the US. They can all read the writing on the wall and 'do their part' to see the numbers go where they all want them to. There is a ton of discretion involved in formulating the numbers, and it's not unusual to have it all go one way or the other when it would meet an obvious political goal.

But I would bet either Santelli or Liesman $50,000 that the Whitehouse had absolutely nothing to do with the highly suspicious unemployment numbers from last week. They didn't have to.


ikaika said...

The bigger story is not what Jack Welch Said, but how the Liberal Media criticized Jack Welch for saying it. They keep insinuating that Age equals Insanity or senility.
In some cultures, the elders are respected. In the USA - the Democrats want nothing to do with them, they are an inconvenient demographic that must be tolerated or seen rather than heard.

chess said...

Yep. As I said before I think this actually galvanized the conservative base.. That those bastards in the WH would fudge numbers...

P.S. Ikaika did you catch anything over the weekend or did you stop and pick up some Mrs. Pauls fishsticks on the way home?

ikaika said...

1 sailfish and three Blackfins.