Monday, October 8, 2012

- The Dinner Table


chess said...


chess said...

Obama Kicks Up Character Attacks After Debate Drubbing..

And just like the silence at that table....its all they got.. and theres silence.
! billion dollars in ads and they realize Mitt is a nice guy.. I could have told em that for a couple million

Tom said...

That's something isn't it? To believe in the Obama vision you have to accept the fact that a guy who has paid all he's required to in taxes and then gave millions away to charity, is actually an evil and selfish guy.

Smell the veal.

chess said...

If we grab this election night by 4am Ill be at the mom n pop Doughnut Palace getting a fritter so fresh itl soak through the paper bag on the way home.Maybe take a baby aspirin before I start on it.

chess said...

Should be able to about 15 hrs from now to watch a dude step out of a capsule 23 miles up and free fall. Very well will break sound barrier or he may look like he bubbles up and explodes. Yet he may skip off earths atmosphere and see ya later

Anonymous said...

I think they need to make the "dad" character a minority. No joke... I think the dems, media & Hollywood - Industrial complex have so poisoned the debate in this country that a lot of the Obama supporters who see this video will say, "Well, the white trash deserve it, let his banker brother bail him out."

I hope the polls are being skewered and that the Reagan Democrats are still out there because w/unemployment what it is, the economy what it is, our foreign policy what it is.. I don't see how in the world we can be in such bad shape, arguably as bad as '79, and to have an incumbent president scoring as well as he is in the polls. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

I'm sure there's skewering going on but the majority of the people I meet and speak with are pro-Obama. I live in a liberal state. That's part of it. Still... I think something has fundamentally changed in the American character and it has to do with the 47% and the additional 20% + that sympathize with that group.

I may be falling into the trap of believing the day-in and day-out preaching from the mainstream press that BHO is up but it sure is believable based on all the anecdotal evidence I see.

Keith said...

I agree that the polls are skewed, but the anecdotal evidence I see is compelling in Hussein's favor. Affluent whites love him, and the Jewish vote is a lock. It is very disturbing.
Tom, the video you posted is saddening. I think it got all of us at work on a very visceral level.

Anonymous said...

The following is a headline from a MSN website I saw a few minutes ago... MSN is read by and believed by undoubtedly, millions if not more people, daily.

If this is the culture, if this is what matters, then we deserve to be the Third World clown show we are devolving into. The sub-text of the story is, Romney, what a cold-hearted A-hole:

Nickelodeon TV says Romney skipped kids' questions

Oct. 8, 2012, 6:03 PM EST
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Mitt Romney may want to reconsider his campaign strategy involving the pint-size voters of tomorrow.

The Republican presidential candidate skipped the chance to take part in Nickelodeon's "Kids Pick the President" special that includes President Barack Obama, said Linda Ellerbee, the show's host and executive producer. The decision "disses" children, she said. [sic]

To quote Chess... "Wow"

ikaika said...

Pulling out all the stops. panic sets in.

chess said...

To Anon... The media keeps trying to corner the repubs. If they had put a minority father in the ad then it would have been pandering. With a white guy theyr out of touch. Fu.. em

To Ikaika.... The media this am said Mitt didnt stay with the kids at the Nik night gathering to discuss gay marriage????. Really??? Thats your opening salvo for Tuesday Oct 9th???

ikaika said...

A group that represents less than 1% of the population is demanding 90% of your attention.

ikaika said...

Brillianty strategy by Romney avoiding the Nickelodeon Kid's Get Corrupted by Liberals event.

I'm sure some cute as a button little girl or boy would have been there ready to pop a zinger or a planted question... regardless of the answer, the Media would have hailed the Kid and the Question as the momnet everything changed.

It's a good strategy because it reduces the Liberal Media to nothing but speculative spits of venom.

I've said before, I don't like Town Hall debates. You may as well have the debate at Cirque du Soleil.
George HW Bush got destroyed because of two things - and it wasn't when he checked his watch, it was allowing Bill Clinton to say 'I feel your pain" after some girl in the MTV audience basically called Bush a cracker-ass-cracker.

The debate went from policy to "you rich people don't know what us poor people are going through" - it had nothing to do with the fact that we were emerging from a recession.

HW Bush then continued on a retarded "Whistle-Stop Tour" taking the train to different stops as if he were Theodore Roosevelt...

He allowed the press on the train and his stupid advisors brtought in the trollup - Tabitha Soren in an effort to remedy his Town Hall flop.
But Tabitha who appeared like some cutesy redhead to HW turned into Squeaky Fromm and in a moment that couldn't have been scripted better than the guys at the People's Cube or the Onion, Tabitha immediately started pouring on questions about Iran Contra and assailing Bush as some evil prick authoirizing a secret government.
HW was classy but addressed her like she was some out of control teenager in need of a grounding...

Tabitha Soren is long gone - who knows, maybe she is selling favors to old newsmen these day?

But that was a pivotol moment that brought down Bush as an out of touch old fuddy duddy who prtobably has Skull rings or something weird...

chess said...

Tabitha is "making $14 the hard way'.
Theres a youtube of Ryan yesterday ? just basically getting up and walking out on a reporter that completely veered off during an interview. The media says Ryan wont answer the tough questions. Ryan says he wont answer stupid ass questions.

ikaika said...

Yeah - saw that video.
That is a taste of what you will see at the veep debate.

Jawbone Joe will get slow-pitch softball and Ryan will get knucklers that are meaningless.