Monday, October 1, 2012

- For What It's Worth...

My personal opinion on why the media has been so energetically stacking the polls is that I think they are trying to push the Romney camp into taking chances in the belief that they have to make up ground. When they do take those chances, there will inevitably be an unforced error or two. They'll use those error to bury him.

I hope I'm wrong of course - both about the press being able to push team Romney and the unforced errors. But I have a sinking feeling that we'll know by the end of the debate Wednesday.


ikaika said...

the frustration in the media is palpable. They have been pushing to get Romney Campaign to flinch and its not working.

ITs like when you confront a liar with the truth. The liar has to raise his voice almost to the point of shrieking. The guy telling the truth remains calm and doesn't panic.

The libs are trying to say that Paul Ryan was embarrassed on Fox news Sunday. He couldn't give Chris wallace a 2 minute sound bite on a plan that would probably require a 2 hour discussion.

And Harwood hadx a dose of foot in mouth this morning - thanks to Kernan!

chess said...

No need for me to watch. My vote is set. The libs will twist it any way they want. Let em. Media is as constant as the sun in the east.
By now Mitt should have the counter punching aspect down. I would say that is he important part.
1-- I got Bin Ladin.. No sir you didnt .The seal team did. Soon after that a whole Seal team went down ?26 members. Then Id look at the camera and say. The prez was sooo busy that the WH sent out 26 electronically signed letters.He couldnt take 10 minutes out of his busy? day to personally sign or call these family members.How did that make those mothers and fathers feel? BAM you non-caring SOB.Tug at mothers hearts.

He had better counter punch on how the unemployment numbers are calculated just in case we break 8 on Friday.

There are so mn=any places to make BHO look bad.He wanted 20 years of my tax returns? Can anyone in the audience tell me what BHO grade point was in college? Of course you cant. He had them sealed. Who seels their college stuff? Arabs paid for his college etc. Im just tired of the bs. If this country wants fomo then do it and Ill react accordingly.

chess said...

Ruh roh BHO

USA Today editorial: This Libya mess sure does look like incompetence
Tue Oct 02 2012 09:46:47 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time) · by SeekAndFind · 7 replies
Hotair ^ | 10/02/2012 | Ed Morrissey
Has the national media finally decided to react to the false narrative peddled to it by the Obama administration on the assassination of a US Ambassador and the sacking of a consulate in Benghazi? Last night, CNN began using the term "cover-up," and today's editorial in USA Today wonders whether anyone in this administration knows what's going on at all: Three weeks after an attack in Libya killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans, we now know that it did not spring from a spontaneous protest, spurred by an anti-Muslim video, as the Obama administration originally described it. In

chess said...

And Tom you mentioned this a month ago.

Low-Information Voters: It’s Time to Rethink “One Man, One Vote.”
Tue Oct 02 2012 10:35:34 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time) · by bkopto · 18 replies
PIQ Score ^ | Sept 29, 2012 | Cincinnatus
It makes zero sense that my vote – a working, tax-paying, law-abiding citizen who studies candidates and issues on the ballot – is cancelled out every four years by someone who knows little about our nation’s business… and does even less to contribute it. Giving the right to vote to unintelligent and uninformed people – statistically those most likely to not work, not pay taxes, and contribute nothing of substance to society – is tantamount to giving them a license to steal. And it’s a very, very bad idea.