Tuesday, October 9, 2012

- How to Lose the Latin American Vote

Ignore those Tanks and Military Personnel in the streets of Caracas...

Six More years!

Q Speaking of foreign policy, can you react to the election results in Venezuela?

MR. CARNEY: The Venezuelan National Elections Commission has declared that President Hugo Chavez won reelection, I believe roughly 54 to 45 percent, with 90 percent reporting. We congratulate the Venezuelan people on the high level of participation, as well as on what was a relatively peaceful election process. I would note the challenger has conceded the race.

Obama will be in Miami again this week... fresh off of his humiliating defeat on domestic policy and on the heels of his typical Foreign Policy - or what I call the Obama Doctrine of the Western Hemisphere.
A bitter taste lingers in the mouths of Venezuelan Ex-Pats. We will probably get flooded with more refugees.
Lets remind my Latino neighbors how Obama inaugurated his first foray into foreign policy - see the "Meet the Marxists" photo op.
Let's not forget that Obama and Hillary intervened on behalf of "the Bad Guys" during Honduran elections.
How will Obama explain his latest botched FoPo to the Latin American Community? No one will ask, but I do hope it is a subject for debate. So Much for the Monroe Doctrine...


chess said...

Ikaika...Wont he just give his Telemundo crap about his biggest disappointment for the 4 years was not passing immigration shit. Telemundo pushed that back up his ass.
I wont see them here but I would hope there are some nice ads with BHO hugging Hugo...

chess said...

Florida Man, 32, Dies Shortly After Winning Pet Store's Roach-Eating Contest

So many idiots and so little time.

Anonymous said...

Maybe like RFNJ's host implies... I guess I'm not tracking anymore... We have a president now who: Welcomes the results of a rigged election in Venezuela, supported the Saudis in suppressing an Arab Spring in Bahrain but then acted like he wasn't involved, downgraded diplomatic security in Libya to the point the Ambassador was murdered, throws George Zimmerman under the bus, who by law, is an innocent man until proven otherwise, has driven the economy into the ground, and looks like a child when debating real man Romney the other night... And still millions cheer him. We've got problems, Houston, because this is indicative of a president who is, as they say in the streets, "Straight Up" incompetent but worse, he is still loved & supported by millions. I think this supports the notion that the body politic is so f'd up, there's no turning back. Along with RFNJ's posting today, which I infer is detailing the status quo of a permanent, violent, black underclass... Regardless of who gets in in November, we have a cultural comeuppance en-route that will sooner or later have to be dealt with before we can get the USS America back on course.