Saturday, October 13, 2012

- It's Hunting Season

For days now, maybe it's because it's bowhunting season, I've been thinking about how Liberals seem to have an endless capacity for frivolity. Theirs is a life filled with luxury and excess, which they insist are 'essential' parts of our civilization. I find that a little insulting. And although he's not a bowhunter (at least I don't think he is), Mark Steyn seems to be on the same tack as me.

The thing about bowhunting is how very un-frivolous it is. It connects you to the world in a way that few other activities will. You are an apex predator, but not in the drone driving, 'bomb em from orbit' way that our modern soldiers are. You're killing a large animal, as 'up close and personal' as it really is possible to do. It's an intimate thing, and a time of life and death like that, even if it's the life and death of a Deer, is really no place for frivolity.

It's part of the whole circle of life thing of course, and there are so many deer here that you're actually performing a civic service by killing them. It cuts down on traffic accidents and will spare Mrs. Kravitz's azaleas. But when you look that animal in the eye after sending an arrow through it's heart - and when you pull the skin taught so your knife can make a clean cut to field dress it - I assure you, you can't help being genuinely affected. It most certainly does not feel frivolous.

I'm so busy with work lately that I have basically no time at all for hunting this year. I'm going out this morning, and maybe a little more before December; much less than is normal for me. But that little bit is enough to remind me of my proper place in the world. I'm an apex predator - the scariest thing in this, and every other forest. And I eat what I kill because it's a sacrilege to be wasteful of something that reminds of something so important.

But it's not the meat - it's the lesson I'm really after. I'm really just trying to remind myself how seriously life should be taken. And how insulting it is to everything, to be so frivolous about it.


chess. said...

Several things. Steph is batshit crazy and she would kill her own mother for this election.. Im amazed they havent shelved her along with DWS.
Steyn is exceptional.He will have more to write cause Bubba Clinton is gathering the legal wagons around Hiliary cause he knows someone somewhere is going to get thrown under a bus.Your Bigbird target is slowly being aimed at "that fat cow in the pantsuits".
LAST NIGHT ON kudlow a CIA dude who does "TRUTH DETECTION" for fortune 500 boys said without a doubt Joey was being "deceptive" about Libya.All of us would call that LYING.
I have lived where I am for >25 years. I have hit 3 deer in that time.All I care about is that people eat what they kill. If not some homeless shelters here will take it if it was quickly field dressed and lockered. I cant tell you how many people have eatin deer sausage from me all the while saying they could never eat deer.

Keith said...

I no longer hunt deer because I don't eat them. But because my knives are exquisitely sharp, I field dress them on occasion. It imparts some sense of the balance of life that you refer to.
My suspicion is that Mr. Ryan gets the same lesson from his hunting experience. Good luck on you hunt. Thank you for your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Well said.