Tuesday, October 9, 2012

- More Chicago Stupidty

So let me make sure I've got this right.

Guns are illegal in Chicago (or all but). And yet, in spite of the law specifically making it illegal, the black community is buying illegal guns from the trunks of cars and shooting up the town in a battle for control of the gangland drug trade.

So in reaction to this, Chicago pols, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to put a new tax on the sport shooters, hunters, military vets and retired policemen who make up the "LEGAL" sport shooting, and hunting community.

Because there is no better way to prevent violence than placing a tax on a totally different group of completely non-violent people. It's like they're from another planet populated only by stupid people.



chess said...

Only way this ends is with hundreds dying. When the gangsters in the 30s started killing innocent kids etc then the public got pissed and didnt think Dillinger and the boys were quite so Robin Hood heroic..
The boyz in the hood will step to far and then itl be all out warfare.The boyz will push to the subaurbs and that might not be their best move..

Keith said...

This nonsense strikes at a visceral level because it equates me with the idiots in that picture. When my daughter and I practice at the range this weekend I will be reminded not to take my freedoms for granted. Good post.
Stock up. It is a good investment.

ikaika said...

The NRA always addreses the Federal level agenda. I appreciate it, but being that I escaped from NJ I full well understand the persistent dillusion that will always be present at the state and local level.

Liberal Logic - great for driving people away from your markets.