Thursday, October 4, 2012

- A Prediction On The Next Debate

In between other things, I've been listening to the leftward side of the talking heads and what they've got to say about what happened last night. This is after all the advice that will be reaching Obama about how to handle this newly energized Romney next time. The Valerie Jarrett's and David Axelrods who will be advising Obama are listening to the people they feel are influential too. So this means that at one remove, the Chris Mathews's, Ed Shultz's and Van Jones's of the world are all going to get to whisper on Obama's ear. And the net result might very well be a total disaster for him.

In fact, I'd make it better than 50-50 that if Obama attempts to engage Romney in the way that the MSNBC crowd wishes he would, then Romney's reasonable and rational retorts will cause Obama's notoriously thin skin to get pierced. And when it does, Obama will melt down in a puddle of petulance, condescension, and open arrogance and irritability. As bad as this past performance was for him, I think it might very well have been a least bad case for him. He might do much MUCH worse next time.

Chatting around the office I call Obama "a woman". But this is unfair to a great many women. What I mean is he's not a leader - not an alpha male. He's a vain, shallow, carefully coddled political diva, who won't be able to cope with anything but more adulation. He's never had any consequences to being wrong, until now. And when he's forced to face those consequences he'll act like any petulant and immature teenager would. The difference for him though will be that it will all happen on live television.

That's my call. I make the odd better than 50-50 that he has a good old fashioned liberal meltdown in the next debate. And that's when we add the veal to the pan.



What’s next? For Obama to win the next debate, Romney will have to be uncharacteristically bad, Obama will have to be uncharacteristically good, and the moderator will not only have to be engaged but also unashamedly hyper-partisan. All of the above can happen, but it is unlikely.


chess said...

From your lips to God's ears...

Oh wait a minute . You do still have God in RFNJ's platform dont you?...

Axelrod gathered the press for a "pump up the volume" meeting and DSW sent out a pathetic email. Im still worried in the am I hear 7.9%

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

I envision after the next debate, Obama crumpling up into the fetal position, crying softly behind the podium.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

A picture of Obama after getting beat up in last night's debate:

hat tip to Steven Goddard's blog.

chess said...

"The fault, dear Barak, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings."

BHO now knows as the world does that he is just a human not a god.

ikaika said...

I caught the sound-bite of Obama post-debate rally.
You are correct: He has now been receiuving and deploying the advice of the shrieking left.
The new framework of the Obama campaign is "Accountability and honesty"

I hope he runs with it... all the way to the wrong end-zone.

I wonder which group of idiots developed this slogan. It will now be the "benchmark" for the rest of the campaign.

I can picture the back-slapping meeting: "Yeah - you tell em that Romney is Dishonest and unaacountable" (and secretly hope no one brings up Executive Privilege regarding Fast n Furious or the 100+ rounds of golf...

I almost believe that someone is setting Hussein up to fail.
It's as if they are tossing an empty chair into the ring.

chess said...

I always figured the Bubba made one commercial and one speech just to keep things together for Hiliary.Also he loves the attention but then I thought Bill would like to take BHO off at the knees and would do whatever he could behind the scenes to accomplish that.
I think Axelrod will bring out the nukes. Mitt just needs to stick to subject.. I would be having Portman at practice just flailing with a loud voice and a lot of finger pointing. Keep Mitt together.

By the way I think theres a donating scandel out there on BHO coming soon. he had one in 08 that didnt hurt. This 12 and it will.

Im afraid of 7.9 or 7.8 due t alot of people dropping out.

ikaika said...

My gut (and recent news of a tragedy) is telling me this donor thing may be bigger than suspected.

chess said...

I hope so. The thing that pisses me off the most right now is the absentee balots for our service folks. Of all the people who should get a vote... The worst are in Ohio and Virgina and Florida. What a fu..n coincidence.

chess said...

And there we are....R&R should have taken this hammer away from the BHO camp long ago. Now itl beat them over the head.. I see the commercial by this afternoon. they will have Zandy( I freakin hate cause he has never been right)a repub for John John and he will be saying this is a great report. blah blah blah. BHO will be saying dont boot me just as all our hard work is getting going.. Jesus.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...


The donor scandal is a seem to me to be a repeat of charges made in 2008: Obama was getting a whole mess of small donation from overseas (many originating in the Mideast). The MSM buried the story. I don't think Obama will be so lucky this time. The polish has worn off the turd.