Thursday, October 18, 2012

- Putting People Ahead Of Profits

I find it very difficult to think of a liberal soundbite that's more diametrically opposed to reality than than the one above. When you say it, you not only announce to the world that you're mushy headed liberal incapable of rational thought, but also that you lack the capacity for correcting your thought process by examining events in the real world.

There is literally never a time when a rational actor makes a choice between 'people' and profits', quite the contrary. Profits are the metric by which we measure how much value an economic actor has added. Apple makes a good phone, people's lives are made better when they trade their cash for that phone, the profit is the amount that Apple has 'added' by combining the electronics in just that way and offering it for sale to the people who have chosen to buy it.

Greg Gutfeld is one of the Fox news talking heads and hosts a late night show called 'RedEye', which is TV fodder for we insomnia sufferers. He's clever, but I personally think he's a little too 'out there' most of the time for me. If I have to read someone who is on the ragged edge stylistically, give me Kevin Williamson - who is every bit as fashion forward as Gutfeld but is a better verbal pugilist and a more serious thinker (IMHO).

But every once in a while Gutfeld comes up with a quote about America's political scene that's absolutely sublime. The other day I heard him refer to Obama as "The Patron Saint of Occupy Wall Street". That's who Obama will now always be for me.

He's the socially acceptable, Harvard trained face of the Occupy movement. He has all the same laughably silly ideas about how the world should be rebuilt, and is just as detached from reality, but he has learned not to say the word 'redistribution' aloud anymore, and has had the records of his study of 'neo-marxist violent revolution' sealed to keep the press from asking him about it.

If he weren't in the White house, he'd be camped out on lower Broadway waving his fingers up and down when the other idiots talked about how their puppetry degrees entitle them to make more money than Jaime Dimon. When he talks about growing the economy from the middle out (BTW, a too good analogy for how most of us age), he's talking about eliminating profits and then passing that money around as he see's fit.

Obama and his Occupy movement have a real problem with profits. Here is a pretty good piece describing that problem. But now that we're looking at the end of the 'war on business', I think it would serve all you Occupy folks to get a new analogy for how to think of profits. Let me suggest one.

You should think of having a problem with profits as being the same as having a problem with swimming. It might not be a very efficient way to get around, but when it's you who is in the deep water, it's a lot better than drowning. And as soon as you come up with something else that solves the problem in a 'better' way, I'm sure people will beat a path to your door.


ikaika said...

I thought Liz "Fauxcahontas" Warren was the Patron Saint of OWS?

chess said...

Theres a billionaire dude out there that is sort of the anti-Soros. He is paying for his own commercial to back R&R.. One sentence out of that commercial hit home for me.
" Under socialism the rich people get poorer. But the poor people get more poor also.". OWS doesnt understand that at all. Zip.Nadda.Nil.

ikaika said...

OWS organizers want the top down "Party First" government.
Businesses will be owned and operated for the sakje of expanding the governemnt. Everyone else is a cog in the machine.
That's why I laugh at 'Rage Against the Machine" because these morons want to advance a far more hideous metonomy upon the rest of us...

In the early Soviet before Stalin, the people with the power, prestige etc were the top brass of the party. They were the Intelligensia, the scholars, the bohemians. As long as they gave themselves an important titular designation, they would be insulated by the apparatus.

A good example is the role of Political Officer or Propganda official - an abbreviated charicature was in the film "Enemy at the Gates".

So OWS organizers with half-baked degrees in Ethno-Journalism would be well suited for upper echelon party-apparatus roles. Telling the story and running with the slogans.
No physical effort required as your "comrades" shovel horse shit and you get to complain about an intellectually exhausting day of trying to come up with slogans for the revolution.

This is the Party direction of Obama and Ayers. The Clintoon's leaned in that direction, but only Hillary thought she could pull it off. Bubba enjoys largesse as much as large-ass, therefore he was an armchair socialist.

If Obamacare doesn't get repealed, the door will remain open for the American Soviet in years to come.

chess said...

Ill be interested to see if the snotty nosed OWS will try to ?riot with the black bros against "the man" or will the panthers just take the OWS out cause theyr white. The enemy of my enemy is my friend?
As Billy Crystal said in the Princess Bride----have fun storming the castle!!