Thursday, October 18, 2012

- The RFNJ Water Cooler

I'm working from home today, and while going through my morning routine, I passed my wife (who also runs her business from our home) in our kitchen at the coffee maker. That's where the following conversation took place:

Me: "I'm feeling particularly... I don't know ... I guess "decisive"... today. I feel like if the whole world would just shut it's pie hole and listen to me, that everything will work out better for all of us."

Her: "Ok."

Her: < long pause >

Her: "Isn't that pretty much how you feel every day?"

In truth it probably is, and that tells you a lot about how difficult it is to live with me. It's a family, thing... I can't help it.

But my point was that I feel a little more that way than usual today. Today I feel like I have my whole 'alternative finance' world totally dialed in, and if the people riding me (in the horse-race sense, not the 'get this guy off my back' sense) would just let me run, I can get us out in front of this whole race.

Now the trick is to convince them of that without accidentally persuading them that I actually belong back in the barn instead.


frithguild said...

The trick to persuasion is having the other person believe they are the smartest person in the room.

chess said...

Isnt that where most libs think they are starting?

Tom said...

That's EXACTLY where liberals think they start their day, but they believe that absent evidence, and the believe they know better about everything.

I only think I know my little tiny domain - my specific area of expertise. And if I'm wrong, I pay the price, as opposed to liberals, who make others pay.

chess said...

Usually it takes a strong woman to "handle" a strong willed man if its going to be more than just a fling etc..
Then I refer or defer to Friths phrase of making someone feel smart. A smart strong woman is the one that gets you to do something without you realizing she "got" you.
I only say this as I have a yellow lab wanting to go out and chase that little round bouncy thing.. And since she is so smart Im about to.

frithguild said...

As far as liberals go, the other side of the coin is, when the student is willing, the teacher will appear.