Monday, October 15, 2012

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You have to admit, that this "stunt" was a historic event in similar magnitude to the breaking of the sound barrier and putting a man in space.
Felix Baumgartner will not be the "Chuck Yeager" of the 21st Century, but he deserves all the accolades and recognition fitting of individual achievement.
I watched the "Space Jump", not really knowing what to expect. When the day of the jump arrived, you soon realized the seriousness of the proposal.
The funding, preparation and planning that went into this was made possible exclusively by private enterprise.
Since President Obama de-funded NASA and redirected funds to supporting America in the Psychologists chair rather than an American on the throne of exploration, I welcome the initiative of private enterprise doing what was once regarded as the domain of government agencies. I suggest we accept astronauts with corporate sponsors to be the new normal into the 21st century.
There are purists out there (I used to be one of them) that believed the only logo or lettering or insignia on a space suit was The American Flag on the shoulder, NASA, and the name and rank of the space suit's occupant. Not anymore.
When I think about how long it took the government to go to the moon and the government projections towards a manned mission to Mars, I have to believe that at least 75% of the delay is probably due to government red tape and government's inability to work outside the box.
I salute you Mr. Baumgartner, and I salute the corporate sponsors that financed this event.

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chess said...

Well said Ikaika..

Our government cant lead or follow and sure as hell cant get out of the way.
I somehow expect the BHO camp to show Hussein getting into the capsule with Felix and then saying he jumped to.