Thursday, October 4, 2012

Romney 1, Teleprompter 0
Political Science Theatre 3000

Our first ever group post. When we rouse Frithguild from his technology imposed exile, hopefully we can make this an occasional habit.


I confess, I did not watch the debate. Too much pre-game hype and an excessive dose of why Romney can't win from the left field bleachers. I went shark fishing off the beach last night - they weren't cooperating either.
I felt like Rip Van Winkle when I turned on the radio this morning around 5 am. It was as if you had a ringside seat to the parade where the child says 'Hey, the Emperor has No Clothes!"
I didn't need to watch the debate since I know who I am voting for. I saw almost all of the Republican Debates and I can now confirm that I was correct all along. Hussein has been coddled by an adoring media to the point where they "gave him his space" after he ordered them to the Time-Out Chair that fateful day in the Rose Garden. He never had to field hard-hit grounders or deflect a barrage of slap-shots the way the media and the rift in the Republican Party gave it to Romney.

It also confirmed to the world what I already know: Barack Hussein Obama is all about style and completely lacks substance. He doesn't even know what his own programs are about. Romney had him so twisted, Obama kept referring to the ACA as Obamacare!

So how did the debate go? I'll let the people that told us all about how the skilled litigator and beloved professor will cream any and all opponents:

Moore re-tweeted: "If Romney keeps this up...Obama is going to vote for him!"

Oh, and this one from Stephanie Cutter is Priceless:

I caught a tiny bit of CNBC when I walked into the office. I don't believe we will be hearing much from Harwood today...


I did watch the debate - whisky glass in hand and expecting the worst. I sat on a couch in the apartment of our head trader with him and the head of our Macro unit, and by the end of the opening statements it was clear we were seeing something totally new on CNN. In a moment we had transformed from somber and worried conservatives to the guys from Mystery Science Theatre 3000 - we were Political Science Theatre 3000. And we snarked away at the TV with joy.

Obama looked desperately frightened, and stilted. Every time he looked at his shoes we leaned forward in our seats. We couldn't help it. After 3 plus years of watching the way the news media laid cover fire for Obama, here was someone who was actually challenging him on his ridiculous views. Here was a guy who knew the facts and wasn't going to let him gloss over the truth with empty hopey changiness.

While Romney landed punch after punch after punch, we took to drinking heavier and screaming at the TV. We were calling Jim Lehrer the crypt keeper. (We stopped once we saw the state of James Carville) Our Macro head kept imploring Romney to "knee him in the B@lls!". After all the Democrat imposed malaise we felt liberated. And we celebrated that liberty with enough joyful profanity to annoy the neighbors.

By far the most effective moment was when Romney turned the "huge tax breaks" for oil companies line on its heels and explained that Obama's green energy subsidies for companies like Solyndra amount to 90 years of energy subsidies for small drillers. Then when Romney said to Obama, "You don't just pick the winners and loser, you pick the losers." I wanted to cry with joy. Imagine that first gasp of oxygen after nearly drowning. that's what we felt like.

Obama is not like Hitler, I don't mean to make that comparison. But for the last three years the American people (or at the very least the media) have been like the German people were under Hitler. They are trapped in a thrall to a man who is doing more harm than good, but they just can't seem to challenge him on any of it. Well Obama got challenged last night.

And in spite of the fact that only Romney ever got interrupted by Jim Lehrer, and that Obama was obviously looking to Lehrer to "save him from the mean man", It was clear that it was Romney's night completely and totally. Last night Romney called Obama on all the ridiculous and scandalous things that the press should have. Ikaika's right, it was just like waking from a dream. And the fact that media is admitting he won, has to give you some kind of idea of what an utter rout it was. It wasn't exactly Milton Friedman arguing with Paris Hilton, but it was close enough for us.


Ikaika: The debate is summarized by a Smirk
The Gloves are off...


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

I missed the debate as well. The wife Shanghaied me into running around Manhattan looking at used high end furniture for sale via Craigslist (there are advantages of living near people with oodles of money).

By the time we got home (stopped for dinner) the debate was over with. Some other nooks in the internet that I visit, even the far left troll types were pretty quiet in regards to Zero's performance. I took that as a welcoming sign.

I still think Romney is a human windsock. I don't expect a whole lot from him. My hope is that some real hardcore types from my side of the political spectrum get elected (please.. no more John Boehners or Trent Lotts). I think Romney will sign favorable legislation, even if he, deep down inside, doesn't believe in it (i.e. mandatory CCW reciprocity, reducing illegal immigration, getting rid of the department of Education).

ikaika said...

I agree - the new Mantra from the left re: Romney will be about defunding PBS - oh the horror!
Expect to see a photo of Big Bird with a gun to his head.

Its as if the multi-billion dollar sesame street will flounder without government funds...

ikaika said...

I know the GOP needs more conservatives, but we are still recovering from the foray into the big-tent of Compassionate Conservatism.
Conservatives by nature will never be satisfied with their candidates.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...


Whomever gets into office in 2013 will have a baptism by fire. We are going to have some serious, serious problem with all those dollars that the Treasury & Helicopter Ben created.

It will be interesting to see if we can avoid 1970's style inflation once the economy starts growing again.

ikaika said...

Agreed -
Inflation is inevitable.
The rest of the nation has to understand this, but when you have Mobsters like Trumka out there you might be spinning your wheels.
Stock up on essential metals - regardless of whomever takes the Executive, we are in for some rough years.

Tom said...

I'm not convinced we should WANT to avoid higher inflation. These choices are like deciding between the devil and the deep blue sea. There is a serious cost to both paths, and I wonder if higher inflation isn't the least bad option.

It rewards immorality, but that's really on us already. The money's long spent. Now it's just trying to find a way to keep the pain to a minimum. A little methadone, might not be so bad all in.

ikaika said...

Tom - great post!
What I left ouit was the line from the left: "It's up to Biden to save the Campaign"
Obama was supposed to have mastery over the Domestic Policy. He was supposed to Mop the Floor with Mitt borrowing Occupy Wall Street style...
I can't wait for the Foreign Policy Debate:
Explain Fast and Furious. Explain the Middle East Melt Down, Explain Chinese Financing, Explain Military Reductions...

If there are undecided voters out there, it will take more than a free phone at this point.

Also: DWS - the hag is losing her support in her own race.

Where's chess? it's fritter time!

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...


Not sure about that. The United States in after the Civil War and WWI were awash in fiat money and (for the time) high taxes. In both cases, government spending was cut, taxes were reduced, and the value of the dollar was defended. By the 1870's, the once near-worthless United States Note (fiat money issued by the treasury) traded on par with gold. The 1920's saw little in the way of inflation, even though we were no longer on a true gold standard.

Both cases led to VERY severe, depression level economic contractions in the short term which involved a lot of debt (both public and private) being written off. In the long term, the economy expanded greatly, with a massive increase (in particular the 1920's) of wealth.

The UK had similar experiences after the Napoleonic Wars. After WWI though, the Bank of England tried to both maintain a gold standard while printing money like mad. That didn't work out too well.

I can't cite much in the way of where a nation or empire inflated its way to true economic prosperity. Any growth tended to be short term, with the nation falling back into recession or periods Japan-like no-growth.

Tom said...

Those aren't the actual choices we're facing. Busy... more later.

Tom said...

Our choice right now isn't between gently managed and civilized deflation and gently managed and civilized inflation. Our choice now is between keeping the lid on the powder keg and not keeping it on.

Someone is going to pay. Period. The savers are morally responsible and productive people who don't deserve to get hurt, but I think will anyway because when you hurt them, they continue to be morally responsible and civilized.

When you hurt the irresponsible people with deflation, what happens is that they end up unemployed. Get enough unemployed people and you get the riots of Spain and Greece. But with serious deflation we'd have a lot more unemployed and much bigger riots than that. Theoretically it could get bad enough to topple the government. And when the US goes (as bad is it is) what comes next will almost certainly be worse. I’d rather have the empty suit of Obama handing dang executive edicts around the edges, than some revolutionary who is suspending election and disbanding congress.

Let me be clear, I don't think inflation is a good idea, I think it's the least bad choice. I think it's an immoral choice and a terribly slippery slope. But I think there is a very big difference between a tall stack of useless paper and a tall stack of bodies. And I think that might very well be the literal choice we're trying to make even if we don’t see it.

We're too close to the edge to screw around with it.

ikaika said...

Looking forward to Biden v Ryan, I will not underestimate Biden. While the VP contest is meaningless, it did prove to be a turning point in the Perot campaign.
I don't expect Ryan to come out swinging, and I hope he doesn't. I'd rather see a calm discussion on budget issues and throw it back on Biden as to why the current policies fail.
I expect a retrun to the Q&A that Chris Wallace presented. I expect Biden to make some outrageous claims and not even bother to defend them, because he doesn't have to.

The Foreign Policy Debate between Huseein and Romney will be a repeat of how Romney wants to start a war with Iran, Romney wants to go after China and the Teleprompter has to demonstrate how the "potential Foreign Policy" will harm us.
I believe that Romney will be spending a few hours a day with Condi getting the ducks in a row, and I would jope that Gingrich is invited to the training sessions.
When W faced Kerry, he lost miserably in the debates. By his own admission or omission, he was completely engulfed in the War on Terror and the Iraq War stabilization period. He admitted -"It's hard work" he was exasperated, as if he didn't prepare. But W was a worker. The Goilfing Teleprompter will sharpen his style for the debate, but you don't win points for bumps in the road.

ikaika said...

Austin Ligon is turning shades of purple on CNBC... You can only hang onto a fiction so long before it manifests itself ino a physical distortion.

chess said...

Well Well Well...........BHO knifed one of ours and Mitt put him in the morgue.Chicago style.
This has to get really nasty from here on.You back a "mad dog" into a corner and we all know what can happen..Ryan needs to stick to the script.Nothin fancy . Joey may be a little better than people expect.

As to inflation Ill take some especially if we can get people working and that pushes the velocity of all of Bens QE.Listened to John Taylor last pm...I like him for Bens job if if if...

I was at dentist and all of you guys post are very good...But remember HUBRIS...30 days to go.

chess said...

And I just actually looked at the cartoon at the top of your blog. LMAO...Fits well with his yapping on The View.."Im just eye candy"..
Maybe Whoooooooooooopi will make room for him after Jan 20th 2013.

chess said...

Also Im smelling fresh fritters am of Nov 7th...

Tom said...

As I've said, I think Ryan - Biden will be Milton Friedman vs Captain Kangaroo. Ryan is slicker on the fly than people think but might be a little too dry. Should be fun either way.

The thing I'm most worried about in the next debate is not the candidate performance. I'm worried about the press - who now know that the only way Obama is going to get reelected is if they arrange it.

Up to now they've kind of been believing their own press - Obama the orator - Obama the visionary - Obama the cool, slick, master of the message. Now they know all that was crap and the guy is an empty suit propped up by nothing but affirmative action. but they still want him to be reelected.

Chess says he's an animal cornered. I personally doubt it. But I think the press is now an animal cornered. The reason this debate was so persuasive was because we got to see the real Romney, not the media filtered impressions of him. they've been doing all they can between the lines to make him look bad. and I think they'll accept a little criticism and accusations of impartiality if it means their boy gets 4 more years.

Lehrer was a little biased, but it was obviously not in an intentional way. I think he genuinely tried to be fair. I'm convinced that ends now.

chess said...

Yea agree Tom. I should have said the BHO machine/press.. I havent looked at next moderator but whomever it is wont get a press pass in the future if they dont hammer at Mitt.They will in essence have to fly the "short" plane to the other debates Thats where I think some coaching from Newt might come in handy.Newt had no problem taking swipes at the moderator/press.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...


As you said before, Romney better keep checking the trunk of his car. I would add he should fully vet his security detail if he hasn't done so already.

Repeating myself here... I just don't see the hard left (Bill Ayers types)giving up power without doing something REALLY underhanded and drastic.

It is going to be an interesting (not in the nice sense) 4 weeks.

ikaika said...

Romney campaign is now following up the debate with a brilliant re-cap.

For chess, and to those that believe only Chicago can play Chicago:
Please go to youtube and search:

The new campaign add that has the liberal media on their heels and whimpering.

ikaika said...

I took the liberty of editing the thread to insert the 'Smirk" ad

ikaika said...

They've improved it:
it's now called
"Out of Time"

chess said...

Ikaika I just watched it when you posted... He is seething inside but he knows they are FACTS and we know those are stubborn things.
This is a delicate Chicago style woopin..I like this style.It doesnt come across as angry in your face that could alienate the 6% we are after.

That ad look like BHO was caught in a Mitt "vegomatic".It slices.It dices.It chops and grates and grinds.

Still have to wonder if we dont see the Malcom X next. Thatl turn off everyone and poof.

I now am certain we wont find a female child in Mitts trunk. It will be the Mooch...

chess said...

Ikaika.Sweet. The 2nd one is even better. When BHO starts that stuttering uh and ah hes floundering...Excellent find..You've made me a happy man. I have wings. 50 seconds of relaxation

ikaika said...

I just read the idiotic comments at the NYT. CHarles Blow = perfect name for an Obama supporter.

Drudge has it linked : President Xanax

I ventured into the unhinged liberal responses below the Op Ed,
These peopl are sociopaths! Talk about timid aggressive!
There is a clear reason that Obama and this far left ilk have to be surgically removed from government.

The big complaint from Republicans is Romney is a Liberal. The big complaint from Liberals is Romney is a Right Wing Zealot!

Bizarro World

ikaika said...

"You sir are no gentleman!"

"...and I'm no doorknob either!"

chess said...

LMAO..Tonight is my weekly drinking conservs get together.Itl be a good evening. If I get lucky I might even get to earn $14 the hard way....