Monday, October 1, 2012

- Showing Republicans As Monsters

This is a very instructive piece on the conceit of liberals. It's about how there is a woman in Pennsylvania with Downs Syndrome being promoted by the Obama campaign as being part of Romney's "47%". You have to read the whole thing, but I'll excerpt the punchline expertly written by Charles C.W. Cooke:

To buy the Obama campaign’s implication, you have to believe that conservatives are sitting at home reading that and saying, “Why, what a scrounger!” One suspects that such a belief is vital to the self-image of liberals, who would have a hard time placing themselves on the moral spectrum were they to be deprived of the conceit that Republicans are scheming to murder the poor and throw the disabled and elderly out onto the cold streets. Still, at the risk of collapsing some wordviews: It’s not true.

It's not true of course. No one, not even the mustache twirling right believes that we shouldn't do something for those who can't do for themselves. There are a probably a lot of better ways to do it than letting government be in charge, but that's not the point here.

I think it's a shame that Brittany believes she's a part of what Romney referred to as the entitled 47%. But she does have a developmental disability, so I think she's entitled to a little slack if she believes something which isn't true. Someone who cares about her should explain what the truth actually is so she doesn't feel so persecuted.

In the meantime, the academic liberals who believe the same thing she does don't really have the same excuse. Or do they?

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chess said...

In BHO's world Brittany wouldnt exist. Mom would have had a genetic test and aborted. Poof .No Brittany..So who is the "bastard" here?
Do people actually think we are going back to the days of Sparta where you were "looked at" by an elder at birth.If you had a deformity you were tossed and mom and dad could try again.If so I would have been tossed day one.Yep Blind in one crossed eye.That can be verified by one of your followers.
If they can believe that then they are a waist of time. I believe MO would have called them "mental midgets".
Sad group of people that would exploit that.