Monday, October 15, 2012

- Sowell Predicts Race Riots

If Romney is elected:

I just hope the potential race rioters remember that the white people they apparently hate are all very well armed, and that some of them - me for instance - have been encouraging law enforcement to fire on the rioting crowds for years.

Facts being facts, miles from mass transit in my cushy, solidly white upper middle class suburb, I'm in very little danger. Or rather... they are in very little danger being far enough from me. Burn Newark and Camden to the ground ... I don't care. It just means you move in the cardboard box favela a little sooner that's all.

And when you've trashed your own homes in a fit of adolescent idiocy and violence, don't expect me to pick up the tab to build you a new one.


Ikaika said...

I hope Romney wins, we have the senat and the house and I hope no riots.
I would suggest that my wife stays home on Election Day rather than run the gauntlet.

Tom said...

It's occurred to me that I'm actually going to be traveling election week (I'm voting absentee).

The day after election day when the results are announced, I'll be in a hotel in downtown Minneapolis, in a largely minority neighborhood with a huge Muslim sub-culture.

I wonder if maybe I should check my PX4 and holster on this flight.

ikaika said...

If you can legally CnC at your final destination, then there is no reason why you shouldn't.

I carry everyday where legal, I don't carry based on neighborhoods or events, because SHTF when you least expect it.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

I'll need to pickup some extra ammo. Plus I am going to have the wife stay home a few days.

My neighborhood is a mix of hispanic, Indian (lots of them), and white. I really don't see some guy from Puerto Rico or Mumbai getting too upset of Obama loses. If we get trouble, it will be mobs migrating out from different parts of town.

ikaika said...

The whitel metrosexual liberals will be rioting at StarBucks - I think they are still still in a snit over the delinquent pumpkin latte`s.

I don't believe there will be a riot if Hussein gets drubbed on election day.

In Detroit, they riot when they win.

A sound drubbing will usually knock the starch out of the rabble.

The racist's on the left will try their best to incite black people to riot. It won't matter though. Too many level headed people out there caught on to Obama two years ago.

I predict the nation will be healed and out "Time of Troubles" will be over.

bonus points for the "Time of Troubles" reference, empty throne and pretenders...

Matt H said...

One reason Sowell and the host didn't mention for fearing race riots is that I think a lot of blacks have so much of their identity invested in Obama that they take his political fortunes personally. I have a few black friends, and it was a real eye-opener to see how they talked amongst their other black friends on Facebook while the first debate was happening.

One might well expect a rabid Democrat partisan to notice Romney's aggressive style and complain that it's over the top and he's interrupting too much. Yet that same partisan on some level would recognize that's how the game is played and that in complaining about that style, they're really just posturing. In other words, they root for their candidate, but they keep him or her at arm's length. Not these friends of mine. They felt their guy was being disrespected. And it was clear enough from reading their comments that by extension, they felt they were being disrespected too.

Now, I don't think that the people I'm friends with would actually engage in violence. But if what I saw was indeed indicative of the kind of thinking going on in black communities, it would hardly be shocking if riots did happen.