Friday, October 19, 2012

The Invincible, Pt. 2

I was thinking of a post I made last July, which I think I just deleted by mistake. I made the point that the Obama Administration has filed more prosecutions under the Espionage Act of 1917 than any other Administration. I thought it particularly unwise to antagonize the intelligence community, which will bite back particularly hard when it will hurt the most.

We all saw the Candy Crowley's riposte about terrorism in Benghazi, which warmed up an already warm issue. So this part of the story recently caught my eye: "The two US officials said the CIA station chief in Libya compiled intelligence reports from eyewitnesses within 24 hours of the assault on the consulate that indicated militants launched the violence, using the pretext of demonstrations against US facilities in Egypt against the film to cover their intent." What perfect timing.

Somewhere, in a small office in Washington D.C., a single member of the intelligence community launched a projectile that will give a patent Obama campaign sponsored lie, which has put some poor soul of a filmmaker behind bars, at least three more days in the news cycle.  It's so bad that even AP is covering the story.


chess said...

In the old day surgery residents called Internal Medicine residents fleas.(the last to leave a dying dog).Ticks are same way. Once the blood flow stops within a minute they start letting loose.
What we are seeing is the beginning of that process I believe with the media/press. They know their "dog" is dying and they have hung on as long as they could. They now will start letting go so they can try to get on the new dog...
This will get good.

Tom said...

And all this just in time to be lit up at the foreign policy debate.

This is really the ultimate layup. Romney can sit there and say "The next day you said X, then on Letterman you specifically said X again, then your staffers spent 2 weeks saying X, then you threw a US citizen in jail, then you said X a few more times, and now you say Y.

Imagine Richard Nixon in a debate after Woodward and Bernstien had already spilled the beans.

If I were him (Obama), I'd be terrified, and we should be able to see that on his face in the first 30 seconds of the debate. The media doesn't dare back him too forcefully after Candy Crowley's dopey defense. So he has a huge hole in his story ... really huge. And he'll be getting no visible help from the moderator.

Close the deal Mitt.

chess said...

Tom you stopped at letter Y..Ill add ZZZZZZZZZ

New poll: Egyptians turning toward Iran, want nuclear weapons
Posted By Josh Rogin FridayA poll of Egyptians conducted last month shows that they have increasingly positive views of Iran, believe that both Iran and Egypt should obtain nuclear weapons, and still trust their own military more than any other institution in Egypt.

BHO freed the people. uh oh...what a freakin naive idiot...

chess said...

????????????????????????????..Did Krugman give him this idea?????

President Says High Gas Prices Are Sign of Prosperity
Sat Oct 20 2012 10:46:58 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time) · by John Semmens
Semi-News/Semi-Satire ^ | 20 Oct 2012 | John Semmens
In a desperate effort to try to persuade voters that the economy is starting to recover, President Obama touted high gas prices as “proof that things are better than most people think they are.” “Rising demand is what pushes prices up,” Obama explained. “The fact that gasoline prices have more than doubled since I took office shows that people must be driving more. Since studies show that driving to work accounts for the bulk of most folks’ travel I think it’s safe to say that the jobs picture has to be a lot better than we’ve been led to believe.”...

chess said...

That there is still a decent chance there will be fomo tells me how close this country is to all out collapse. That Mitt would do this this makes this a no brainer election.Yet it still is a race that BHO could win. SAD

Ikaika said...

While the price of oil tracks with equities, and demand for oil by price is a sign of a humming economy. What we are seeing Is the price of crude and no-lead being squeezed because of government policy to retard production. If we were really in recovery, I'd thing treasuries would be oversubscribed and there would not be talk of fiscal cliff.

As far as "the invincible" , there is a new wrinkle. Drone surveillance for period of hours before the "protests" materialized.

While the government was observing via drone and spy gear, there was no effort to deploy or ramp up security.
It could be argued that drone surveillance around our embassies is common especially on historic dates, but lots of loose ends.