Monday, October 8, 2012

- Who Is Obama Anyway?!

I'm actually more excited to see the next presidential debate than I was the last one. Admittedly, the results of the last one were a surprise to most people. But the next debate will involve all of us learning, with a minimum of obvious media filtering, who this Obama guy actually is anyway.

The left has their view which frankly seems unrealistic. Obama. The One. The savior of the American left. A transcendent black man brought up from nothing to the rafters of American academic intelligencia. The Ivy league Lawyer from Chicago's tough south side. A modern day Cincinnatus who is above the rough and tumble wrangling of politics, and who can elevate with only a word.

No stop laughing, they're completely serious.

We on the right have a different vision of the man. To us, he seems the affirmative action President. He's a mediocre man who has gotten ahead only by being consistently held to a lower standard than the rest of us. He's the teleprompter in chief. The empty chair. The author of two autobiographies and winner of one Nobel peace prize, all before his first day in office. To us, he's the empty suit that throws like a girl, but is still protected on all sides by a fawning lick-spittle media.

In truth, probably neither of these extreme visions are true. But if the last debate is any indication, then the conservative view of Obama is probably closer to the truth. In an environment where he was no longer protected by his media guard and held to the same standard as the man on stage beside him, he looked nearly insubstantial. He seemed to be exactly the kind of man that affirmative action produces. He seemed like an 'also ran' with a conveniently colored face.

He'll do better in the next debate - if for no other reason than it would be difficult for him to do worse. But I think if he shows so much as a hint of being the kind of man the political right believes him to be, then his presidency will be over before the man counts ten. Either way though, one thing is certain. We've never had a president who was so poorly vetted or was subject to less critical examination before he took the job. And he's getting that vetting from America now, even if the media still refuses to be complicit in it.


chess said...


Had a friend email me that Jack fell on the conspiracy sword cause it would solidify the R&R base more than it would gain votes for the empty chair...Plus Jack hates this pos for everything you just said..

Can someone answer me this--How do shit ex-govenors like Dean and Rendell get to be talking heads and experts. And Ill toss in the ex-bitch from Michigan

Tom said...

Ed Rendell is pathological. his one great skill is making nonsense sound reasonable. He's one of those rare politicians who truly can 'fake sincerity'.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

One more cartoon for your collection:

Note to those working today: Zewp has many images NSFW

Talking to my tenants and the guys at the local watering hole, the conventional wisdom is still for a massive Obama victory. Not all these guys are left wing, they just only know what the MSM tells them.

Recently, I have come to believe a fair number of people vote Dem (at least the ones who don't have a govt. job or live off the EBT card) do so because they have never considered / been exposed to an opposing viewpoint.

ikaika said...

Whenever I see Rendell on TV I have this mental picture of the kid from Bug's Bunny cracking his noggin with a mallet and yelling:
"I wanna Easta Egg, I wanna Easta Egg, I wanna Easta Egg"

ikaika said...

My last post was in reference to Ed Rendell's bulbous noggin.

Other weekend notes:
Massive media effort to paiunt Jack Welch as Senile. The libs will get nowhere as ultimately it shows an utter lack of respect for the elderly.

Strike One was the Liberal Reaction to Clint Eastwood's schtick...

Need to remind AARP that[the Democrats at their very core want to toe-tag them at age 65.

chess said...

toe tag.. love it.

Eastwood/Welch neither have to answer to anyone.. Must be a good feeling.

ikaika said...

CNBC - the other arm of Obama Re-election comittee will no doubt counter Jack Welch with Altman and Bogle "harummph - these are really smart old people"

It's not just CNBC painting him as senile - Bloomberg also ran a 4 pager on why Welch's rant was not "gorunded in reality"...

Really? Some idiot at bloomberg had to devote four pages to analyze a four line tweet!?!!?

It stung them deep. Jack Welch was and will be GE "The American Success", and Immelt is the sole owner of Second Rate GE.

chess said...

I love that Jack is a babbling idiot in a depends soaked through but Andrea Mitchell trying to give Mr Wipple advice on questions for Mitt is just fine... I heard a soundbite of her on the phone and she sounded like a 3rd grader trying to get the teachers attention...God woman go home to the old man.