Monday, November 12, 2012

- All the GOP Needs to Do is to Stop Being the GOP

For days now, the GOP has been the subject of pseudo-political-scientific examination.

A specimen that sits on a table in a laboratory of liberal journalists and arm-chair "conservatives" that will be poked and prodded and prescribed and shocked to behave as one straw-man or another, but nothing resembling the final surgical conclusion.

They - the enlightened liberals and the self professed "true conservatives" - have come forward to alleviate the hematoma, malignancies and disorders that have distressed the patient.

The procedure has been a carefully prescribed combination of trapination (boring a hole in the head to alleviate any swelling of the brain) and amputation to prevent the GOP from carrying extra baggage.

Sure - I agree that the GOP needs better focus; a new eyeglass prescription is really all they need.

Taking medical advice from someone suffering from psychotic delusion and chronic neuro-illnesses is where I draw the line. Quackery is quackery.

Today I was told by the liberals, that the GOP is exhaling it's last breath and the prognosis is negative. If the GOP patient remains in this condition without congressional quarantine and preventative amputations, no doubt he will infect the populace and fiscal irresponsibility (or the current inability to accept the responsibility) will become untreatable. They tell the family and fiends of the patient that there is no way around this, and if they ignore it, they will shoulder the blame.

The "true conservatives" that always seem to arrive loudly after a match ends badly, are recommending the Social Conservatives should be removed, completely amputated in order for the patient to regain his balance. Some of these "True Conservatives" even go as far as cosmetic surgery - to make the patient look better after the amputation. They claim they can graft a bouquet of exotic flowers to where a bible was once grasped. Or in some cases where the AR-15 currently stands. Some even recomend hormone therapy.

"Say, that rainbow wig really has a slimming effect!"

The patient's family and friends are also deeply concerned - some are calling the priest others are redrawing the will. The Psychologists are then called-in to help the patient with his new found feelings as well as to assist the family and friends in accepting the resultant mess.

After the Surgery by committee, our patient doesn't look like much of a political belief anymore, but more like a grotesque concoction of odd-and ends, brutally stitched to an unattractive stump. The surgeons walk away - satisfied that they have done all they could.. for now, and the family and friends will spoon feed the requisite mush into the gaping maw of our patient... He can no longer speak.

I'll link Sultan Knish at this point since he seems to understand that amputation and psychotropic reconditioning may not be the suitable alternative.


chess said...

Sultan is just plain "top shelf". Something has to change. In the past 2 years we have lost 5 senate seats to guys who cant have an answer to rape and abortion.. Saying its Gods will and you cant abort will keep losing you seats. This fits into the category of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result...
In 2016 it could easily be said that Arizona and Texas will be close to swing states. The top 10 fastest growing latino populations control 216 electoral votes.. Do something with immigration and take that hammer away from the dems.Get'er done now.
The repubs never did take that deficits due to Bush's tax cut hammer outa BHO hands and theyl hold that hammer until it stops working.Why change.
Im sorry but I think the best we can hope for is a centrist dem.that could be an oxymoron...My heart belongs to Steyn and we are toast ..Not if but just when....

Tom said...

I would never allow a mortician to be the one to decide how to proceed with my heart surgery, which is what asking liberals to diagnose the conservative movement would be. But In fact the Republican coalition is in a ton of trouble. the current model will not win elections anymore thanks to demographics and the fact that the media is virtually all liberal. (sure we have rush Limbaugh, but Rush is convincing no one on that aide of the aisle, and doesn't mean to.)

The fact is, someone is going to be voted off the island and the Republicans' will begin to look like something different. I have an opinion on who gets' voted off and who gets brought into the fold and how, but that constitutes the kind of thing I think of for a living so I can't say too specifically here.

I can say this though: Ask yourself who causes the most trouble for image management when it's advocates run off the reservation and say something stupid (politicians will always say stupid things... it's a question of how costly those stupid things are in the election.)

And then ask yourself if a top down legislative agenda is as 'sell-able' as a 10th amendment style agenda to the changing Demographic of America.

ikaika said...

My fear is a generation conditioned to unemployment will take hold.

I agree things need to be done, but be careful of the advice and think twice about where it's coming from.

chess said...

I think that generation is already here and growing. I had a friend tell me that the reason the dems are really pushing birth control and abortion is because they have grown their base enough to hold power. They dont want that base to grow so much that it actually kills the goose.. They just want one vote over 50.
Get rid of the hispanic crap etc. Give BHO a 60/40 deal in his favor but let no one forget that from here on BHO owns that 60/40.
Everytime Mitch steps in front of a mike he costs a vote. . Reboot.

frithguild said...

The stimulus was intended to buy an electorate. It worked.

Tom said...

BTW, whoever told you that the second amendment crowd needs to be booted out of the GOP is truly hysterical. If there is one area where conservatives have had absolutely nothing but epic success after epic success since the 70's it's in gun rights.

Not only have they won at least partial victory in every serious court decision, and dozens upon dozens of legislative victories both at the state and federal levels, groups like the NRA have firmly cemented the idea of gun rights with the American people trouncing liberals on that front in the culture war.

I personally think the problem is that conservatives speak in terms of logic and reason, and liberals are no more persuaded by logic and reason that they would be if we were all speaking Chinese.

But the idea that gun rights will be cut to make the GOP more popular can only be presented by an imbecile. And I hope you tell whoever it was that said that, that I said so.

ikaika said...

But the idea that gun rights will be cut to make the GOP more popular can only be presented by an imbecile. And I hope you tell whoever it was that said that,that I said so.

I certainly did and that was one of the inspirations for this post!

It wasn't 2A they were looking to boot, but the NRA had been lumped in with the religious right and the moral majority.