Thursday, November 15, 2012

An Interview with Baron Scepter

frithguild: Well Baron, thank you for your time today. I just want to let Radio Free NJ readers know that you have been a very valuable resource behind The Google Purge stories, especially as it relates to Dave Patraeus and Kip Ward.

Baron Scepter: Well thank you frithguild, I must say that you first came on my radar when you connected the dots between the feds being the largest purchaser of information from Google, how the Obama campaign used strategies to target very small groups and is now using information as a weapon against individuals. That was some very interesting work.

frithguild: I appreciate the recognition Baron. How did this come onto your radar?

Baron Scepter: Yes, my work with Bilderburg includes a data aggregation project that identifies information accumulation clusters to anticipate monadic activity in government. One of our algorithms picks up holon early reactions to monadic actions – like the first fish in a school that reacts to the presence of a predator. But that is unimportant. Your recognition scheme is incomplete.

frithguild: Really?

Baron Scepter: Yes. You have talked about Dave and Skip, but you haven’t mentioned the unexplained sack of General Carter Ham AFRICOM and Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette of the John C. Stennis carrier strike group.

frithguild: So do you think the CIA wants to clear out troublesome brass?

Baron Scepter: No, I think it goes deeper than that. Enlisted men with marital troubles are in the spotlight. Some have been run out even without involvement of the local police.

frithguild: Is that so?

Baron Scepter: Look, you need to look at the coordination of these targeted information bombs with ubiquitous discussion in the mainstream media about higher divorce rates for military personnel.

frithguild: What do your sources tell you about how high up the food chain this effort goes?

Baron Scepter: I can’t tell you more about that without revealing my sources – I have many. But I can ask you this. Does this sound familiar: “The only way to upset the power structure in your communities is to goad them, confuse them, irritate them and, most of all, make them live by their own rules. If you make them live by their own rules, you destroy them.”

frithguild: But Baron, the election is over. You make it sound like the campaign will continue.

Baron Scepter: The Obama campaign increased the negative perception of its opponent and then used aggregations of information from search providers to achieve their destruction. So we know they have the goods. Here, the negatives of the military are increasing, according to my data. Do you think they will stop executing a strategy that has been effective in achieving their objective?

frithguild: I see.

Baron Scepter: How do you think the legislators that will oppose cuts to military spending will be treated?

frithguild: Seems like they will need to look around every corner for jack booted water foul.


ikaika said...

all your ducks belong to us

frithguild said...

Will they keep them in a row?

ikaika said...

in a row, on a pond, wherever, as long as they don't get hurled at me...

ikaika said...

shirtless FBI told Eric Cantor that FBI wasn't acting fast enough.

This is the new "fact" emerging from the dailies.

Blame is now shifting to Eric Cantor... ?