Wednesday, November 7, 2012

- Another Way To Go

From my buddy Karl.

I like the look of Rand Paul in 2016. Lord knows the conservative movement can't do what it's been doing anymore. (Although anyone who takes the job of President after 8 years of Obama has got to be a true glutton for punishment.)


ikaika said...

If everything the conservatives warned us about come to fruition, then a fiscal conservative should be a shoe-in. But here's why its even further away and probably not going to happen in our lifetime:

Unfortunately the demographic shift also carries an ideological shift.
Democrats will no doubt drift further left to accomodate "new supporters" that will be immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America.
The concept of Conservatism (as we want to see it) does not exist South of the border.

Socialism in both hard & mild forms is expected by the new voting block.
Even Rubio would be regarded as too far to the right for nuevo americanos.

Maybe the thing to do is start demanding freebies like everyone else?

Tom said...

Free what... bullets? The only free thing I want is the freedom to beat someone in a fair fight. I want the freedom to keep what I make. But that's the last thing they can give me.

Unfortunately for me, I lack the capacity for surrender. I can't simply give up and go on food stamps and free cell phones like everyone else.

My two choices (that is, the two that I can successfully cram into my stubborn head) are either continue to bear the lash and pull the chariot no matter how many people they pile into it, or kill the man who chained me to it in the first place. It's all I know how to do.

Vishnu said...

The zerohedge article summarized it - no new free stuff is coming out. We are getting close to the cliff, and even dems will need to make few adjustments. Simpson Bowles will have to be on table to get the annual deficit to manageable levels. Yes Tom, pulling the chariot is the only option, unless you can go to Singapore like the FB guy.

ikaika said...

We can "pretend"... that's what the Democrats do.