Tuesday, November 13, 2012

-The Art of Propoganda

The artist, Shepard Fairey applied Soviet and Maoist style propoganda posters to his particular take on urban sloganeering. You recall his "Obey Giant" underground art campaign.
Shepard was also famouse for his Obama "Hope" propoganda posters.
I would like to applaud Mr. Fairey in the realization of Life immitating art, or Politics immitating art.
Perhaps he should be careful for what he wishes?
The Theme: "Rise Above" had been the subject of a few of his works.
The symbolism and the the not so subtle underlying meaning is obvious, but lost it's subversive undertone now that it has been coopted in the promotion of Chairman Obama.
Mr Fairey, you are no longer cool. You are one of them.
Now that Fairey is famous, would he change his tune?
Probably not, since hauling wheelbarrows full of $20's to the bank tend to jade the revolutionary in all of us.
Propoganda and Sloganeering in America has taken a Leninist turn.
Recently - if you watch NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, or are dumb enough to have friended any of these vestiges on social media, you have been inundated with a new "Call to Unity" that instructs you to "Rise Above" political differences.
The message is instructing you not to dissent, but to submit and obey or else the government will be limited in how it chooses to waste your tax dollars. To Shepard Fairey, CNBC, Geoff Immelt, and all the people that gave us FoMo and now demand we knuckle-under to their wishes: I say "Vaffanculo!" because I can't say it in English.

I like this next one. it reminds the statists of a certain truth:


chess said...

Ikakia!!! The queen of the Borg is calling you......Resistance is futile.....Its patriotic to redistribute...
Got to go..Im surfing the web to find Buffet telling me how great things are going to be for the next 20 years.....I love this country!!!!

Barron Sceptre said...

When the thrower of the hammer becomes the screen.