Saturday, November 10, 2012

- Dear Matt Drudge, Please Continue To Publish Stories On Race

Dear Mr Drudge,

In this piece on "The Hill" blog, you received a request from a Democrat liberal operative to "stop the race stories". As an American citizen I'm asking you to please not stop.

I do this not for partisan reasons - after President Obama's reelection I find I'm less partisan than ever. I do it because modern American journalism is suffering from a terrible illness, and that illness is eating away at our ability to recognize the truth. It's not that American journalism is slanted or political with regard to race as much as it is deeply delusional. And it will ignore or misrepresent the vast portions of the truth in any way it feels necessary in order to preserve that delusion.

Longtime journalist Colin Flaherty, has seen this illness, and has gone about documenting it in his recently published book "White Girl Bleed A Lot". In his book he details hundreds of examples of violent crime where race is an obvious motivator, but the racial component of the story has been removed from the narrative by journalists. It's literally as if the press has found a man being burned alive in the middle of a Klan rally, and instead of calling attention to the self declared racial motivations, they reported it as a terrible tragedy at a southern barbeque and nothing more.

Mr. Flaherty specifically doesn't address the question of why the journalism community has so consistently removed that important part of the narrative. When I asked him about it he said he felt that it would be more effective to simply recount the details and let the reader make their own assumptions about the reasons for such wholesale failure by journalists. And given the way that the journalism industry reacts to people who challenge their beliefs on race, I'd have to say there is plenty of evidence to support his view.

You may be aware of the case of John Derbyshire, a freelance writer from Long Island who made such a mistake. In reaction to an article he had read where black parents were instructing their children how to avoid (nearly non-existent) white on black crime, he wrote a similarly structured slightly satirical piece where he instructed his own children how to avoid black on white crime, which is actually much more common. And when he published that piece in an online journal, he was summarily vilified by the media, and fired from his position as a writer for National Review.

I know John Derbyshire and both of his (multi-racial) children quite well. He is nothing like the monster that journalists have come to depict him as. He is an eminently thoughtful and considerate man who is driven in all his relations with people by a desire to demonstrate good manners. And those manners are demonstrated by him to all people equally regardless of color, or any other aspect of their identity for that matter. I know this from my own years long experience with the man, and have seen it demonstrated countless times with my own eyes.

But the mistake John made was telling the truth to a people who desperately and defensively need to believe a lie. None of the journalists who criticized him has ever challenged any of the specific claims in his piece, they only indicted him as a monster for having the temerity to call attention to them when they had developed an unspoken consensus not to. And since he lacked your power and influence in the journalism world, he was instantly made a fall guy and sacrificed in the name of preserving the illusion of the journalism community's views on race. He told the truth, and for his honesty, American journalism has painted him an villain and cast him aside.

But they can't do that to Matt Drudge. You are already far too influential and powerful for that. And for that reason I ask you to keep telling the honest truth about the news and including the racial component of stories when it's evident. Americans deserve an honest voice in our understanding of the role that race plays in our society and we can't have an honest dialog about it if America's journalists refuse to admit that it exists.

The journalist from The Hill who is imploring you to ignore race as they do, will probably secretly tell you that we common citizens are too dim and unsophisticated to 'handle' the facts when it comes to race. But how will we ever learn that sophistication if they continue to shelter us from that portion of the truth?

Mr. Drudge, you seem to me to be a man of courage an honesty. So as an American citizen who is very much not a journalist, I beg you to please keep giving us the news exactly as you have been, and don't submit to the childish consensus of journalists, that we citizens can't handle the truth about race.


chess said...

I doubt the Drudge Report will ever reclaim the territory it lost Tuesday night. Ever. I think millions of conservatives gave up that night. If an idiot with no economic plan and who just killed an ambassador and funneled money to political backers in solar and and and can still get 300+ electoral votes then we are at our 'event horizon".

Ill say then repubs wake up a little and no longer put up far right wing evangelicals again. At least I hope so. If that happens then Drudge will become the Akin of the next election. That should be fun..Ill set my alarm for June 2016.

Anonymous said...

Here here. Good piece from moderator Tom. Clock is ticking. Get prepped. A collective veil has descended upon the face of this country and people can't see clearly. Mass delusion. Every single indicator from federal gridlock to loss of historical moorings, destruction of Judeo-Christian morality concepts, the absolute and immediate defensive posturing of the left to writers like Derb, i.e. their moral bankruptcy, borrowing from China to keep the machine running, no immigration policy, no leadership... Betcha DHS starts introducing some retarded gun bans any day now.

Colin Flaherty said...

Just when you think it cannot get any worse: Some liberal reporter proves us wrong.

There is an enormous amount of racial violence out there that most media are afraid to touch.

That is dangerous. That is why I wrote the book White Girl Bleed a Lot.

Thanks for remembering.

Keep on keeping on, guys.

Colin Flaherty