Monday, November 5, 2012

-I Say "Uncle!", No More Robo-Calls!

New Jersey is a Blue State. It's not a Swing State... no one bothers with a massive telephone campaign to turn New Jersey voters, but that's probably because the SEIU won't allow such transmissions to occur.
Consider yourselves spared from the nausea.
Over 1 year ago we moved to Miami. Telephone solicitation is a fact of life down here. There is no "list" when you asked to be placed on the "do not call list".
That "list" is out the window during election time, and the frequency of Robocalls have increased as the election approaches.
Not just Robocalls, but polling agencies have stormed my landlines. It is getting so out of hand that the Democrats are sending out misleading text messages to cell phones.
The Romney Campaign has not been "calling". All campaign related phone calls we are receiving are from Democrat supporters, Michelle Obama called and told me that my health care was in jeopardy, Magic Johnson called and urged me to vote for Obama, Obama called and urged me to vote for him or my medicare and civil liberties were going out the window. I was expecting Obama Phone Lady to call... at least that would have been funny.
CNN polling agency called. We asked to be removed, they claimed that they are not beholden to any do not call stuff. We pressed and demanded the guy give us his home phone number so I can poll him next week. Other polling agents would call and I'd tell them that I will answer their questions only if they answered mine. Some played along, but most didn't like when I gave them the Monty Python & The Holy Grail Q&A from the Bridge of Death. Other times I'd ask if Pat Paulson was running again. Crickets Chirping...
I can live with polls, but the Robo-Calls are entirely obnoxious venture into the inane.
The Robo-calls are targeting the elderly, because most people from generations ago were too polite to hang-up on anyone, let alone the President, the First Lady and err... Magic Johnson.
The message of every Obama Robo-call is a threat. Vote for Obama or else Bain Capital will take away your medicare.
The Early vote reminders were the same message with a different twist. Make sure you tell your friends to vote early and if you don't know where to go make sure you tell them Barack Obama knows... if not, your Medicare will go away.
If you choose not to answer, they leave a message, essentially threatening you that your Health care is in jeopardy.
The Romney Campaign has not done any robo-calling, and they are not waging a campaign based on threats. I've asked people from around Dade and Broward who they are receiving these threats from: Obama. If I called someone out of the blue and told them that maybe their pet might die if they failed to do something, I'd get arrested and prosecuted.
Obama, he gets a Nobel prize and another shot at destroying a great nation.
Threatening phone calls are the last tactic of desperation before something completely outrageous happens.
I believe people that have been telephonically-abused by Obama will see and hear Romney's message and probably have that voting booth epiphany... and choose the person that refused to threaten them.
November 7th can't come soon enough.


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Threatening phone calls are the last tactic of desperation before something completely outrageous happens.

The Obama machine has less than 24 hours to pull something off. I suspect the level of voter fraud this time around will biblical in proportions.

ikaika said...

at least in some cases they are prosecuting fraudsters...
You are right though, the wave of zombie votes may be overwhelming.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

The people over at PJmedia are overall, rather glum in regards to the election outcome.

I sure as hell hope we get the Senate. It looks like the EPA will do what they did when Carter and Clinton were on their way out: Pass massive amounts of punitive regulations that will be nearly impossible to repeal (without a solid majority on Congress).

Signs in my area point to a low Obama turnout. I have counted only two Obama 2012 stickers and the only posters are near the Dem headquarters. This is a huge change from 2008.

chess. said...

I believe fraud also will be of biblical proportions.. My only hope rests on low BHO turnout and the evangelicals coming out like they did in 2010.. they sat home in done with this country if fomo....

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

well.. now NJ will allow people displaced to vote by FAX and email.

I can smell the coming fraud and chaos.

ikaika said...

It's not as if New jersey was going to Romney...

the big problem is in the electgronic polling areas in the swing states.

Chess said...

Most of the polling spots in St Louis Co have 900-1400 potential voters per place. why the hell do we need electronic crap to count 1400 votes over a 13 hr period????
i keep hearing stories of placing Romny and vote comes up BHO. That happens to me tomorrow and Ill make the nightly news..