Monday, November 5, 2012

Is That My Piano in the Lake?

I posted several pictures of the fishing club building at the end of the pier. This is last picture of that club building ever taken. I stood on the boardwalk at 7:00 p.m. last Monday night.  Like me, that fishing club defied the storm to the last.

This is a picture I took 7 am Tuesday morning:

I found the end of the pier about a mile and a half south. 

Just north of what used to be "The Circuit" in Asbury Park, the ocean breached into the lake, tearing through what all of us have always believed was the "dusty beach road" in Born to Run. There, a little old lady was leaving her home helped by her children, carrying only a few bags of things. It could have been Mary's mother. She asked her kids, as she walked away, "Is that my piano in the lake?"

I am back to work, helping victims. Businesses are opening. I saw a gift shop yesterday down the street with tables outside filled with wares. We drew battle lines against he forces of chaos, and are pushing them back. Most streets are clean.

No storm rips the bones from our backs.

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