Monday, November 19, 2012

Old School Appeal to the Modern Voter

Here I am in the barbecue of life, listening to the same tune that turned the Baton Rouge statehouse to an armed castle surrounding a king. And so began the Long march, because in the Supreme Theft of Liberty the Court removed the safeties that prevented a Washington imperium. The march against of our liberties proceeded slowly soon after the judicial theft, because men like Calvin Coolidge revered the past.  Liberty is now but a quaint tradition that may be voted out of office.  It no longer legally restrains federal power because the disease of federalism must be treated.      

So I bring you Huey Long.  It's the same old song with a few new lines, and everybody comes to cheer it.


chess said...

Falalalala...Frith and here I was just getting in the mood and bam!!!

Toss in Krugman who is nostalgic for a 91% top tax rate again and Im putting my black mourning clothes back on.

Tom said...

The only person 'taking things away' from the table Huey is you. You say you aren't going to destroy the Gulf company, but you are going to destroy the incentives which inspired someone to build it.

Have you EVER received an honest wage for an honest day's work? not once in your whole life? If not, then maybe you are the problem because most people have. Now have you been treated fairly by the government and politicians? Have they always been honest with you? Told you the truth?

Then why are you trusting politics to get you what you deserve instead of relying on your own honest labor? What's that? you want more money? Then just learn to do something that will pay you more. The people making more than you are no better than you. their politics aren't any different. They just know things you don't. so when you learn them you'll be the same as them.

But with politicians, there will always be one more person they say deserves to be treated better than you. One more person they say should be moved to the front of the line - but not you... no matter what you do.

If you ask me I'll trust the free market and my own honest labor before I trust a politician to solve my problems.

chess said...

Amen..............and the more I see of yo govenor the more Im starting to see a duf-ass!. But I think you warned me of that.

frithguild said...

If you ask me I'll trust the free market and my own honest labor ...

"Hell, let'em go to Reno and get 'em a new wife if they want it." - There is no honesty. From there, the whole Long march follows and is acceptable.

Tom said...

All men, no matter how corrupt of spirit, believe themselves to be engaging in 'honest' labor.

In my whole life I've met exactly 1 man who thought was a villain, and acted that way anyway.

frithguild said...

All men, no matter how corrupt of spirit, believe themselves to be engaging in 'honest' labor

I agree, but that is not the of the redistributionist argument.

For example, almost anybody these days will look at what I do as theft because the legal profession, for whatever reason has been so universally vilified. My perception of myself is irrelevant to the argument. So tell me yes or no - do you believe in tort reform? You probably do, because you associate a tort recovery with theft. How tort reform a "conservative" solution is beyond me - but that is an argument for a different day.

Long just comes out and says to Carnegie, Mellon and the rest, you can do all the thieving you want. We're just going to shake you down. Long never says he is honest - in a room full of lepers he is the guy with the most fingers.

So Long gets a bunch of "yeahs!" and election wins because more than a majority believes there is no honesty in realizing a great profit - It's not who you are, it's who you know, etc., etc.

Give the devil his due. Long deconstructs the honesty of the "super rich," and their wives, all in one cutting sentence. After all, he was a lawyer...

ikaika said...

true as villified as the legal professio n has been, you are at least given room to pivot.
me - Im a trader. I can't dodge, but I have to standand take it.
good thing i'm sicilian...

Tom said...

So if I understand correctly, I wrote a piece about how we can endure, and you responded by posting a piece which explained that we should despair.

Is that right?

ikaika said...

The Redistributionist Argument foir the 21st Century:
You Didn't Build That!

BHO made that plain as day and even though the intelligensia on the left tried to spin it as something other than redistributionist, it goes to the tradional roots of the racket.
It's not that you work hard or have more specified field of expertise. You become the target the more you demonstrate that you are unique and successful.
And the don't forget the redistributionist argument is not intent on appealing towards honesty, but putting a frame around a fiction and selling it as truth.

chess said...

Yes Ikaika.. You need 3 things to do what you said and they have all three, one a candidate and political machine that can put a frame around it. two-- the media to sell it as if it were the 11th commandment. Three--a populace so stupid as to believe it and take it hook line and sinker...Trifecta.

frithguild said...

That was not my intention Tom, but I can see how how that is the result. I suppose I am still looking at what they have done right. Belief in the "failure of the Bush policies" goes deeper than who was the last President.

I have believed for some time that Barack Obama has studied Huey Long carefully. Liberals use an old playbook because it is effective. I just wanted to demonstrate why. Both Obama and Long put their opponent in the position of proving a negative - that dishonesty did not crap all over you as a voter.

I try not to despair when somebody calls me dishonest. If I do, it may inspire an opponent to exploit a perceived weakness. Instead, I try to understand my opponent. “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself,
you will succumb in every battle”

chess said...

If it aint broke, dont fix it.

Their palybook hadnt worked since Carter. Yet several things fell into the dems laps including someone to blame for war, housing crisis, financial crisis, etc etc etc. Then they pulled out Hueys playbook and bam!. Now I have to wonder if the only way that playbook fails is when our society fails.

Tom said...

I get it, but when I'm lying on the canvas with my nose bleeding and little cartoon birdies spinning around my head, I think I know all I need to about my opponent's strengths.

What I think we need to do in our attempts to know them is to understand their weaknesses. My post was designed to illustrate that their tendency of appealing to the narcissism and self indulgence of the voter is a strength that could be turned against them. They have cultivated an entire generation (several actually) that believe judging anything at all in any way, is type of mental tyranny. That seems to me to be the kind of thing that can help the conservative movement if it changes the nature of the argument just a little bit.

I guess my point is, while Obama may have studied Huey, knowing Huey's weaknesses does not tell you Obama's. It's an academic exercise.

ikaika said...

back to fiscal cliff and the faliling media campaign of "Rise Above".
Selling a tax increase on the top two percent is being sold as a neccessary evil.
If we don't raise taxes (on 250k earners and above) then we (our pork programs) are doomed.

My gut thinks that BHO may be forced into a stubborn compromise.
If more States' Governors reject the ObamaCare Exchange mechanism, they pressure flows back to the Feds to cover the nut.

I would like to see Boehner or a high ranking Repub demostrate that everything the Democrats have promised have come up short, increased the debt and ultimately reached this boiling point.

BAck to the campaign: Make 5 Points (truths) and repeat them over and over again for the next 4 years. Tearing a page from their book, don't stop campaigning at least on principle.

ikaika said...

Here ya go Tom and Frith:

Institutionalizing the expectations.
It is now absolute that the USA is the country of hand-outs.
We are no longer the land of opportunity because seizing opportunity requires effort.

frithguild said...

Cartoon birdies!!!!

As I see it, Washington is becoming a fortress much like Baton Rouge became. It needs to fall of its own weight.

ikaika said...

Trenton is a good example of when the Liberal Agenda becomes too bloated to pivot.