Friday, November 9, 2012

- Revisionist Current Events

A Funny thing happened on the way to the fiscal cliff...
In an attempt to seize the narrative, Democrats collided with one another as to how to further demonize the Republicans.
Immediately after the concession, we began hearing from the left, how Obama was now going to reach across the aisle and that the Republicans must work with "the will of the people".
Seizing the narrative is something the Democrats have been very good at. I was treated to several counts of revisionist current events yesterday.
One repetition will be that Obama was unable to rescue the economy due to the size and scope of the Bush damage. The revision is that they knew all along it would take more than four years to repair this. Another Revision is that any possibility at addressing the budget during the first term was sidetracked by the Republican's stubborn inability to work with the President.
The revision will not be repeated in the press until it has become mantra in the cyber-world, around the water cooler and in the coffee shop.
Repeat the lie enough to where it is accepted as truth. This is the Democrat/Liberal take on the Goebbel's approach. Add a dash of Alinsky and it sticks to the roof of every liberals mouth like peanut butter laced with Ativan,
The Revision also addresses that the "majority" that brought us Obamacare was not a majority at all and people like Cantor, McConnnell and The Tea Party, derailed the nation in the first term with ankle-biting and delaying tactics.
In cyberspace and in public, liberals decided to do what they believe they do best: dictate.
They attempted to dictate to conservatives that certain people should resign from congress and that the losing party should move towards moderation. Not a peep about Reid or Pelosi, but the narrative that it's fault of the Republicans needed to be immediately etched into stone.
Immediately after the Election, John Boehner offered the Olive Branch in an effort to steer the President's attention towards the fiscal cliff. He repeated the new GE/NBC Slogan "Rise Above" to add emphasis.
In Response to Harry Reid's knee-jerk reaction, Mitch McConnell said "no new taxes".
Axelrod ran opposite Reid: The President does not have a mandate.
And now Krugman is advising the President to run this baby off the cliff: No Compromise!
As I said, let’s hope that Obama knows better than to give these people any credence.

I would advise the Republicans to stop talking for the moment, and allow the liberals to engage in cannibalism.
I believe it was JC Watts that mentioned during the Clinton years that you should refrain from tackling the guy with the ball and block for him if he's heading towards the wrong end-zone.


frithguild said...

The gnomishly handsome Paul Krugman!

May the Tea Party Representatives hold fast. Let it burn!

ikaika said...

gnomishly handsome... LOL!

Oh - the lie is still being repeated ad infinitum.
I just visited a couple of other sites to see the "We have to work together!" posts from the left.

I say Vaffanculo!

ikaika said...

I'm sure this song was intended for Berlusconi, but the lyrics are fitting!

If you have Italian Speaking children in the house - please use caution. Malo Paroli!

ikaika said...

damn I'm good - The senate has bill already drafted and obama is ready to sign it...

setting up for : It's the house republican's fault!

ikaika said...

I'm being told today by "true conservatives"
that social conservatives, and the Tea Party are killing the republican party.

What is killing the Republican party is the Straw Man of "true Conservatism"