Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Elite That Knows Me

So taking the Political Moneyball idea a bit further, enough data on Ohio voters to take "deep dives into exactly where each demographic and regional group was trending at any given moment" must have been harvested from far deeper resources than an amalgam of voting lists and donor emails. Then there is this discussion:

Along with Hollywood, Obama’s big donors have come from the tech sector, government, and the academy—with his top five made up of the University of California, Microsoft, Google, the U.S. government, and Harvard. Tech heavyweights such as Craigslist founder Craig Newmark and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg have given maximum donations to the president, as have Eric Schmidt and four other top executives at Google.

I will leave it to your collective imaginations to put a profit motive behind each of these donations. But that is not my point.

The first step in persuasion is how you set the table for a decision maker. How better to do that than with an extraordinarily large set of data about who will be making a decision. Selecting your message and delivering it in a personalized way, like in one of those really nice bags you get from Victoria's Secret delivered while you're watching Sons of Anarchy, sets the table better than any plain old broadcast message. The Obama campaign figured out just how to targeted an audience that believes politics is not really that important, and made them feel good about their choice to vote for an image we all here know to be totally false.

I think every pundit, analyst, strategist, politician, journalist, talk show host and political scientist out there will have the analysis of this election completely wrong. The jabbering class will be energized by a desire to beat down or prop up the Republican Party. That debate will be irrelevant. The only thing that matters is who has information and the promise of financial gain to put it to use. I get my information from searching the internet. So I have met the enemy and it is the me in my browser, which gives me ads selected especially for me.  When that happens, you get the same kind of excited the couple that won the prize on the Newlywed Game. You are then ready to be persuaded.

There is no mandate in this election.  Boehner's Republicans are already acting like there was. The inside baseball teams of advisors will caution that Republicans must appear inoffensive to be attractive.  How 2011 can you be?  People who believe how they vote is as important as deciding between Bosco or Hersheys to make chocolate milk are the ones who decided this election.

So I say blow it to hell. We have the House. No increase in the debt ceiling Make the sequester come to pass. Bring on a hyperinflation. You get the government you deserve. Now go drink your chocolate milk and think about how you will vote the next time.


Neo said...

Well said! Bad enough they're dragging us down - might as well go out swinging...

ikaika said...

I agree. Reid fired the first post election shot demanding a rule change on fillibuster.
Conservatives are staying united to the fiscal cause and have bit the head off Boehner's Dove.


The Democrats have already begun the ad campaign telling the populace that the republican house is responsible. That's a given.

ikaika said...

Also - the liberal history re-write will be in full effect.

I was treated to : "Obama Offered the House Republicans Tort Reform in 2009, but they were too Greedy"...

You will hear all sorts of revisionism, but don't let it slide or else it will become folklore.

chess said...

The repubs will lose the media war again and again and again..Its time to toss the Mitch's and John-John's overboard and get some different thoughts. The only good thing that happened with this election is that finally(DEAR GOD) the party may not put up anymore Akins and Murdochs.
Abby my lab couldnt have polled better than Claire..
Fix this cliff and move on. I am a trustee for a large plan.140 failies and most high net worth folks. I worry more for the secretaries cause this is all they have. Id love to say bring it on you bastards but i cant.

frithguild said...

The Republican Party has a beaten wife, codependent relationship with the statists. They should learn from Al-Anon: "I am powerless over my qualifier - my life has become unmanageable." They can manage the decline like the Europeans that our Constitution rebuked, or they can detach with love to let their abuser find their bottom or perish.

I say detach and let it burn. This time in a Presidency is no time to start running for office using a failed play book.

Tom said...

We've been formally putting a little intellectual muscle into that question - who is the big 'loser' in terms of political pull, and what that fallout will look like. I can't discuss trading it, but here's the thought.

We think the best odds are that even though the social conservative battles have been winning in terms of the culture war, they're proving too costly electorally.

We think they're the ones who will be kicked out of the big bed and replaced with a 'make it all local' Rand Paul style libertarian movement that is designed around obtaining a portion of the youth vote.

Bzod said...

So, gay marriage, dope, and low taxes? We keep the guns, and maybe try to nuke some regulatory agencies along the way? Sign me up.

Tom said...

More than that. We think it's driven by a movement to make the rules local. Go ahead and ban abortion in Texas and Alabama while giving free abortion pills to middle school girls in San Francisco.

Better to win 40% than to lose 100%.

Look for Rand Paul (or someone like him) to pick up the pieces of the coalition of the right after a the house Republicans are given a resounding beating by team Obama in early 2013.

Just speculation of course.

chess said...

Grover Norquist also needs to go. Fu.. him and the horse he road in on... Soon hel be king of zip...Flush the baggage and pick a new path.

A.K.A. Damo Mackerel said...
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