Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Who Will Pay the Rent?

For me, this says it all, if you are talking about the decline of the civil society. Here is a chart showing how those owing student loan debt view their personal obligation to repay.  Read the definition for the trend line carefully.

The majority of the student loan debtors probably think the did not get their money's worth, because, as we know here, the massive federal intervention into contractual rights has choked growth. There are no jobs after graduation, save for part time gigs. The maker of the chart, it would seem, is a product of the same largess to higher education and the inevitable debasement of the product.  Tyler Durden let this one slip by, maybe as another small part of Operation Chaos.

I recently spoke to an educator, who taught a very popular class in psychology. The number one question the students came to ask is, "If I have that condition, can I get on a program?" Clearly, this school district must be commended for providing students with the type of education that is relevant to their actual lives.  I have no doubt that the popularity of this class is cited in a grant request laying somewhere on the desk of a Washington D.C. functionary in the Department of Education.

I cheer on the new generation of rent seeking Alinskyites! Throw off your chains! Dalinquency for the masses!

Let it burn.


ikaika said...

All I can say is step out of the way when the chains come off. They won't be coming for us, but they will be coming for the distributors.

Tom said...

...and the distributors will do all they can to point them at us.

There is a downside to hating the rich though. Do it for long enough, and eventually the rich start to hate you back.

Let's see who can do more damage.

frithguild said...

I really think I am becoming crazy. Let's take a page out of their playbook. Make the federal government play by their rules, which will destroy them. As the car approaches the cliff, I call for a taxpayer strike!

Tom said...

First... becoming?

Second, the only motivator government has is force. It's ignored by the press, but Obama isn't "asking" the people paying 90% of the taxes to pay a little more, he's commanding it - or threatening to.

So the government has ready tools to cope with a taxpayer strike. Even if it means throwing thousands in prison.

ikaika said...

The courts will be backed-up with Tax and Health Care documentation disputes.

But that won't stop them from taking your property or tossing you in the pokey for being disobedient.

I tell ya - it's Joe's Garage Acts II & III come to fruition!!!

The White Zone is for loading and unloading only.

chess said...

In the latest Hitler rants about BHO winning he ends with "hes moving to Canada".

33 million people. Someday it will have the climate of Miami...