Monday, December 17, 2012

- Shootings In Chicago....

Like NJ, Chicago is run by a political machine. The unions feed the politicians, who feed the unions, and so on. Barak Obama is a part of that political machine. It's how he learned to do what he does. And now he thinks that we should make the rest of America more like Chicago when it comes to self defense.

If you want to impose confiscatory tax rates, free government abortions, and welfare benefits out the wazoo - in the end that's just theft. It's just stuff. But the link above documents the recent shootings in Chicago. And that's not something I'm willing to live in the middle of.

If you think I'm going to both let you turn America into a picture like that for my daughter, and hand over my right to self defense besides, you're just nuts Barry.

Make guns illegal and I'll be a criminal. Or rather ...oops... I seem to have lost all my firearms on a fishing trip. Prove I didn't. And you can have my bullets when you pry them out of the chest of the guy I catch breaking into my house to harm my family. If that image is the future for America, then he'll probably be by any time now.

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