Tuesday, January 15, 2013

- Andrew Cuomo's Right To Hunt

Thank god for Chris Christie's broader political ambitions. As we know, Chris would like to be President one day. And because that's so he's resisted the urge to be an anti-gun zealot and enact feel good legislation that will punish the wrong people.

Apparently Andrew Cuomo has no such ambition.

He's proposed and rushed through the NY state senate a host of ridiculous rules designed to limit criminal action, by punishing a group of people who are already obeying the law. This is exactly the same as new rules to prevent prostitution by coming up with much stricter rules for nuns.

Legal gun owners will be massively inconvenienced because of these new laws. The press is spinning the law carefully to limit gunonwer backlash, but in fact, these new laws make 90% of the semi-automatic handguns in NY illegal.

7 rounds. A magazine will be limited at 7 rounds. Every full sized 9mm handgun in the state is an assault weapon under that rule. So too is the .22 caliber mini-rifle designed for kids that many of us learned to shoot with. You can't get a magazine that small. They don't make them that small. Even the 'special case' magazines currently being made for NY's 10 round magazine limit will violate that law.

Of course, criminals are all exempted from that restriction. This rule applies only to those citizens who have an interest in being legal. If you are going to commit a crime you can have a magazine of any size that you like.

Andrew Cuomo's desire to disarm his law abiding citizens seems obvious to me. He doesn't really care about making people safer. He doesn't really care about limiting crime. He cares about power and his ability to rule with impunity. He's acting now to avoid 'wasting a crisis'. He knows you can't push around an armed population, so bit by bit, he's going to disarm them. He says that you don't need 10 rounds to shoot a deer. But he'll find a way to get rid of those Deer rifles too... just wait.

The people of New York are getting the government they deserve from a liberal zealot like him.

This is unjust, will be ineffective, and will make powerful enemies for Andrew Cuomo. With any luck it will cost him his national political ambitions. Who would have ever imagined that NJ of all places would end up with less draconian anti-gun rules than a state like New York?


ikaika said...

Attn New Yorkers: Florida is Closed. I Repeat, Florida is Closed. Please stop coming here. You ruined your own state and we cannot allow you to ruin another. You made your political bed and now you must sleep in it.

Tom said...

Actually I think we should exploit this business opportunity. There are a bunch of handguns which are about to become illegal to transfer. I can't buy then in NJ because of local law, but I can appraise them for you to buy in Florida. We bid low, offer high, and make a spread on the millions of dollars in assets that Cuomo et al are about to devalue.

They're not worth much in NY today, but they have the same value they always were in Florida.

ikaika said...

You can buy them but you require an FFL to do the transfer.

Same in Florida.

I can hear the whining from former New Yorkers looking at Florida Real Estate:
"We left because the timing was right and the values were there..."

Sure you did... Sure you did.

I'm surprised they didn't impose a bullet tax, like $100 per bullet.
I've met moronic liberals that would say: "Gee Chris Rock is Right... Tax the Bullets!"

friggin unbelievable.

chess said...

Just wait for all the exec orders to come... only in my humble opinion but this shores up the left base and soccer moms way more than it hurts any of em...
I said a longtime ago the gentle breeze had started. Now the idiots are a full blown category 5...And when the next slaughter occurs the left will look past it --not as a failure---but the need to do more. Its coming...

ikaika said...

I guess things are different here in South Florida, because I have "soccer moms" asking me and my wife to teach them to shoot.

What will happen is that crime will be reported to reflect AWB.
"see, it works! The murderer only shot the victim 7 times!"
"Even though the murder rate was slightly unchanged, we'd like to say that no one was killed with an Assault Style Weapon..."

chess said...

Exactly Ikaika..

Do you think being a more diverse culture maybe makes your soccer moms more apt to think protection. Maybe more so than in mid Ohio?

ikaika said...

I did read the comments below the NYT story.
What is reassuring is that the majority of the commenters acknowledge this legislation does nothing to reduce crime.
The obama minions are desperately trying to label the AR-15 or anyt weapon that meets the NY State standard as a Weapon of Mass Destruction.
Interesting question: more than one commentor asked whether NY Law Enforcement would have to comply? if so the traffic of non compliant componants will not really abate.
Further - the commies want Bushmaster to relocate from New York State.

The next step is the Executive Branch via FBI and ATF have suggested that Gun Manufacturers and distributers may be held to a stricter standard.

If a 10 round magazine travels from Nevada to NY State, will the fed say that the distributor or manufacturer shares libility?

Ultimately - like the myriad gun laws in NJ and the original AWB, the laws will become confused and enforceable in extreme situations, however a mediocre attorney may be able to navigate this bs.