Friday, January 25, 2013

- A Capitalist's Solution

Here is an interesting Caveat. It seems Mrs. Feinstein's bill would exempt government officials both working and retired.

Call it callousness if you like, but I think this provides a very interesting opportunity for an enterprising small town in say - the Texas panhandle.

They can offer jobs as part time deputies to every NRA member. To get the job you will have to submit to background check, etc etc... blah blah blah. But the town can charge for those items including a small markup. Once you clear those hurdles, you become a temporary deputy with a pay of only 1 dollar, before you are put on a 'no-pension' retirement plan.

This provides a facility for people to get around the federal law, and also provides a source of revenue for small pro gun town who would probably like to thumb it's nose at the feds.

A little like "The mouse that roared" I suppose, but the Feds certainly have it coming.


ikaika said...

Sure - Govt people are "more-normal" than non govt people.

Tom said...

Rulers and subjects. It's all about rulers and subjects for libs.