Tuesday, January 29, 2013

- The Closing News Cycle

Here then is the story of what's really happening in America. Based on carefully stacked polling data, Liberals propose infantile legislation which has already been demonstrated to be ineffective, and the vast majority of American's prove to smart to fall for it... again.

There are only three kinds of people so willing to ignore the cost of legislation that they are in favor of more gun control. First are those liberals so dim that they feel it will really help (ignoring the overwhelming evidence to the contrary). Next are those politicians who see the 'power grab' it manifests as a good use to put a crisis to (see Rahm Emanuel, Andrew Cuomo, and 'Napolean on the Hudson', Mike Bloomberg). And finally there are the graduates of the nation's journalism schools, who see the persuasive power of guns as a means of diminishing the value of their influential 'words'.

The reality of the latest set of gun control proposals is that it would impose a cost almost exclusively on the millions of law abiding citizens who have broken no law. On the contrary, they are the people in America most likely to obey the law. It is an infringement of their rights as free citizens. But the groups above have their own interest at heart and therefore don't care. The pols want more power, the journalists want more influence, and the dim liberals can only feel better about themselves if they "do something for the children".

But relief is afoot. The news cycle for this topic is finally coming to and end. Failure in congress is imminent, and Snooki-Americans are getting tired of hearing about it. They will soon get bored and move on to the next shiny bobble they find in the muck. The journalists are probably preparing a raft of stories about princess Katherine's shoes as we speak. And the politicians, detecting an impending loss, will begin quietly jumping from the sinking ship of gun control in dribbles at first,(see WV's Joe Manchin) then in droves.

And when that happens, the rest of us can get back to living our lives without the threat having our rights infringed. We're not quite there yet, so we must remain vigilant. But I think we can see the end of the debate from here.

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ikaika said...

Senator Bill Nelson in Florida decided he would "Poll" his constitutents. Overwhelmingly, Gun control is rejected.
Several members of Florida Shooters Network sent letters to Nelson demanding he state his position on AR-15 and magazing restrictions.
The first form letter, Nelson tries to identify himself as a ranhcer and a hunter and says that these weapons are not for hunting.
Dedicated Florida shooters Replied to Nelsons reply asking where on earth he thought the 2A was about hunting and demanding that he state whether he is for us or against us.
I believe Nelson's office has been swamped not only with new letters, but replies to his lame responses.
The idiot in Iowa is also get a dose of liberty.
New Jersey shooters, do your part. It doesn't matter that Lousenberg and Menendez despise you. They work for you (at least that's what you are told).
Call your employees on their BS